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Rustic Travel on New Scenic Ecuadorian Railway

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Sponsored by the state-run Ecuador Railways, rural tourism operators and the Agroartesanal Community Tourism Association inaugurated its new scenic train route in Devil’s Nose. The community has the aspiration to grow a rural tourism base through ecotourism offerings.

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Train route opened Alausí-Devil’s Nose

Last Thursday opened the path-Sibambe-Alausí Alausí, called Devil’s Nose section. Thus began the three-car operation scenic tourist.

In a time of two hours, last Thursday saw the first train ride route-Alausí Alausí Devil’s Nose, after Ecuador Railways make delivery of the train station and three panoramic cars to promote local tourism. This activity, which was carried out as part of the Live Your Train, was host of people who traveled the route for free that day. Thus, the three cars built in scenic Spain, Ecuador Railway tourist operation began on the stretch-Sibambe-Alausí Alausí, called Devil’s Nose route.

The cost of shipment to the public would be $ 20 per person, but governed from September. For now the rides are free and transferable invitations exclusively in panoramic cars, which include guides, coffee and visit the Interpretive Center and Candor Puñuna traditional square-Sibambe Alausí train. Each car has an average capacity to accommodate 40 people, and the convoy, to about 130.

They have internal air conditioning, water, restrooms, air suspension system to provide greater softness and balance in displacement on the railway. The official launch of the new towed equipment, which integrates the rail network, was held at the station Alausí at 14:30. Further agreements will be signed with the Toltec community development association, Agroartesanal Community Tourism Association and the Association of Nizag Devil’s Nose. ”

The goal is to attract tourism, generating economic development opportunities for the people involved, that total is 2,500 persons. Remember that before the railroad was zero tourism, zero comfort and zero security, “said Jorge Eduardo Carrera, general manager of the Company Railways of Ecuador (EFE). Meanwhile, artisans and Zoila Guaman, called on tourists those who offer crafts made ​​in sisal Pistishí like key chains, cup holders and others.

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