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Sky’s the Limit: Ecuador’s Booming Tourism Numbers

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Things are pretty good in Ecuador’s tourism sector. The country expects to close the 2012 season with a 11% increase in the number of foreign visitors, maintaining the trend of recent years.

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Ecuador Expects a 11 Percent Increase This Year in International Tourist Arrivals

In the field of International Tourism Fair, FITE, held at the Convention Center of Guayaquil Simon Bolivar, attended by delegations from 30 countries, it has emerged that Ecuador expects to close 2012 with a 11% increase in the number foreign visitors, maintaining the trend of recent years.

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Luis Falconi, said that so far, 2012 238,436 tourists arrived in the country from Colombia, 177,888 from the United States and 90,569 from Peru, the three main markets, and the trend of 2011, according to statistics from the Ministry of Tourism cited by the public agency Andes.

Falconi recalled that in 2009 traveled to Ecuador 945 000 tourists. The figure climbed to 1,045,000 in 2010, and continued in 2011 to 1.14 million tourists growth (+ 9%), an index, said the official, doubled the global average (4.5%).

Among the source markets, after Colombia, United States and Peru, Spain ranks fourth (44,363 tourists), followed by Argentina (34,426), India (28,975), Venezuela (24,360), Germany (19,992), Canada (18,396) and United Kingdom (14,503 views).

The deputy minister said that there is a striking increase in the number of visitors also come from Sweden, Mexico, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands.

These developments are the result, among other reasons, the promotional campaign since 2010 promotes the slogan “Ecuador loves life”, launched in 2011 in England, Germany, France, United States and Canada. A second stage, “I discovered” this year includes extensive international media presence.

Falconi said the marketing investment to promote the country abroad was 43 million dollars between 2000 and 2006, while from 2007 to date have been invested another 145 million.

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