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Tababela Transport Plan Takes Passenger to Ecuador’s Main Airport with Less Hassle

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Congestive travel between Quito’s main terminal and the Tababela airport will be a bit easier due to a new shuttle service which will take passengers to and from the main airport and Tababela.

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Original Article Text From El Comercio via Google Translate :

Ready for transport plan Tababela

To facilitate the mobilization of the people who use private vehicles to get from Quito airport Tababela, the City defined a plan that includes a specialized passenger transport, the opening of a corridor-The Quito-Tumbaco Quinche and frequencies interprovincial transport and taxis.

The Company Aeroservicios del Ecuador SA offer the tourist shuttle passengers from a terminal in Quito to Tababela and vice versa. Apply two modes: transport and tourism executive personnel carriers, government institutions, airlines and collateral services. According to the proposal submitted by the company, the buses will be equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi.

The units will not make intermediate stops and will enable a ‘call center for customer service. The route will start at a station located on Av. Simon Bolivar and will be operational from 05:00 to 01:00 (20 hours a day). The transport of personnel, institutions and public and private employees are expected to operate from the temporary terminal, which opens in the former Casino Hotel Quito.

It is also raised an additional terminal in one of the current local airport. Germanic Pinto, manager of the Metropolitan Public Transportation and Public Works, explained that in relation to the corridor-The Quito-Tumbaco Quinche, the first phase applies from July to October this year (it is expected that the new airport starts operations on October 12).

Consist in the optimization of existing services and reorganization of the fleet use, depending on demand. “The purpose is to reduce the number of buses that arrive at the Coca River.” At this stage, the exclusive services to be implemented are two: New Coca-Rio Airport with a fleet of 17 buses, which leave every seven minutes, and new airport-Cumbayá be enabled for this route 10 buses.

The mayor Augusto Barrera, such planning in the transport service and the improvement works that run on tracks Interoceanic and E35 (Tambillo-Tababela) will begin operations at the airport. The first build three interchanges (The Bathers, Auqui-Spring and El Nacional). In the second, the asphalt is improved and expanded to six lanes from Pifo to Tababela. Works completed in October.

Guillermo Carrasco Valdivieso, who is the coordinator of about 3 000 representatives of communities Tumbaco Cumbayá Pifo Puembo and believes that the main problem for transit to the airport will be presented at the bridge over the river Chiche. In your opinion, I must declare an emergency and build another bridge parallel.

“Currently circulating around 50 000 vehicles and the infrastructure is already inadequate. That bridge is a funnel for vehicular traffic, “he said. It is expected that air operations are closed from 18:00 on 11 October until 06:00 the following day, the time which will begin operating the new airport in Quito. Is ruled out the possibility of operating the two air terminals in parallel until the end of the construction of direct routes.original de donde usted ha tomado este contenido.

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