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Tame Airlines Opens New Flights to Amazon Rain Forest

Article Summary:

Tame Airlines of Ecuador has opened a new route into the Amazon rainforest. The airline is using brand new aircraft aimed at increasing passenger capacity to the area to promote trade and tourism in this sector.

Photo Credit: Metro Ecuador

Original Article Text From Metro Ecuador via Google Translate :

Tame operates new route to the Amazon

“Connecting Cities” with the phrase Rafael Farias Ponton, CEO of the airline Tame, defined what it means for the company opening the new route Guayaquil-Latacunga Latacunga and Coca-Coca-Guayaquil, which since last Tuesday April 10 began operating.

Due to the withdrawal of the airline Saero, these flights will be from Monday to Friday from 08:45 flying in one of 3 brand new ATR 45-500 aircraft purchased in $ 16 million each. Before there were flights from 19 to 30 passengers, aircraft capacity now is 48 passengers.

Farias said that this connection is designed to promote both trade and the tourism sector, not only within the country but in southern Colombia to where it connects with another new track.

The routes will be opened soon and still in analysis are: Latacunga-Cuenca, Latacunga Latacunga, Manta-Loja, Macas and Latacunga Latacunga–Tena.

The maintenance of the route given the acceptance of citizenship, which must be consistent for attaining the success of the flights.

The price of airline ticket depends on when you bought, will be cheaper if you buy them well in advance, but if you want get a moment to another, the price goes up. With a duration of 30 days the air ticket is $ 99.00.

The company Centurion, allied with Tame, given the freight transportation service. The company offers ramps EMSAT ground for the airline Tame in Quito and Guayaquil, as a complementary service.

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