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Tired of Overseas Retirement Anxiety? Here’s How to Find Peace in Your Decision to Move Abroad

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Change is inevitable, nothing stays the same forever. Moving overseas is a big deal, especially to far-off Ecuador. So what do you do when the anxiety and fear sneaks in front of the decision to move abroad? Make an anxiety list – and stick to it.

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Change is Inevitable

Knowing that nothing stays the same should make the transition a little easier. This morning I had one of those moments. For a minute or two I started questioning myself about this plan to retire to Ecuador. This does not happen to often but it did this morning.

This move is a big deal.

If I kept a top ten list of big, life changing moments, this one would certainly be close to the top. I definitely need to have my adult sensibilities working at their highest levels these days… It still freaks me out a bit as I continue to sell everything I have worked for through my entire life. All my stuff, some that I really love, is flying out the door for real cheap. I know I will be happier for it, but it still makes me feel a bit out of sorts at times.

You know, two years ago, South America and Ecuador were not even on the radar. Now, it is a part of almost everything we do. Change is getting a little more comfortable for me.

In the last year we have spent almost 5 weeks in Ecuador, most of that time in Cuenca.

Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that I write a blog about moving and retiring to Ecuador and that this blog is only about 8 months old.

If you would have told me I would be doing any of these things two years ago I would have called you crazy… Change really is inevitable, and often a big surprise…

So, what do I do when the anxiety and fear sneaks its way into my head?

I have a very simple routine I go through…

I update my anxiety list…

My list of fears and anxieties…

Money probably causes the most anxiety.

For me it is pretty simple. A lot of money and/or a regular monthly income reduces anxiety. Not having much money and wondering if we will have enough causes anxiety. I am also concerned about the safety of current savings accounts. Do I buy gold and silver? Do I put my money in my mattress? Do I deposit money in accounts all over the world? These days I have a difficult time trusting the safety of anything.

But there are a lot of other fears that concern me. Here is copy of my fear and anxiety list. Wonder if any of these things are on your list?

How much money will I need monthly and in my savings for emergencies?
Will I have enough money if I have health problems?
If I need more money, what will I do? Can I find a job?
Can I afford to retire now or do I have to wait?

And then there are other issues….

Where will we live? Will we buy or rent?
I don’t speak the language and I am not sure I can learn it…
Everyone thinks I am crazy for wanting to retire in Ecuador. Am I ?
What area of this new country will I retire in?
Medical is important… should I carry insurance?

To reduce anxiety and fear these questions need to have answers.

Here are some more questions. Can you answer these?
I have worked all my life… Will I be able to just stop?
How will I fill my time?
Will my spouse and I get along when we are with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
I have never been out of this country… Will international travel freak me out?
Will I get homesick? Will I miss my family?
Can I retire and not care what anyone else thinks?
Can I be away from family?
Am I capable of being completely honest with myself?
Will I turn into an Ugly American or maybe I already am an Ugly American?
Can I happily exist outside of my comfort zone?
Can I sell almost everything I own?
Am I capable of change?
What about my pets?
Can I adjust to a new culture?
Can I learn to trust again?
Can I live without all the trappings?

Sometimes people retire and then just stop in their tracks. The change becomes so overwhelming they do nothing….

Information and knowledge will lessen fear. Experience lessens fear. A well thought out plan, possibly something written down, is absolutely necessary to reduce anxiety.

Can you answer most of these questions?

Do you have any other fears not on my list?

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