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WARNING: Be Very Careful on the Devil’s Nose Train of Ecuador

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Devil’s Nose Train Ecuador

The Devil’s Nose Train Ecuador is one of the most famous attractions in the country. Called Nariz del Diablo in Spanish, this train journey is considered one of the scariest, or at least most thrilling, on the continent. The journey begins in Riobamba, which is approximately 9,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains.

The first scary quality is the seating: Passengers sit on top of the roof of old boxcars exposed to all the elements. You can catch this adrenaline-inducing ride three times per week at a price of about $11 per foreigner. For an extra dollar, a pillow is provided, and this might make a serious difference in your comfort level for the trip. For an insurmountable view of the Avenue of the Volcanoes, climb aboard the top of a boxcar and ride the Devil’s Nose Train.

Safety isn’t ignored on the Devil’s Nose Train Ecuador. There are rails welded into the sides of the train to keep passengers from sliding off, but still some travelers are wary of the journey. This train climbs steep cliffs, rolls over rickety old tracks, and experiences sudden drops, all to delight of thrill-seeking passengers. Nariz del Diablo offers a rare experience to chug along through the countryside of Ecuador, waving at local children along the journey, all while enjoying a serious adventure.

Travelers will be glad to know that the train, at over a century in age, still operates at fairly low speeds. The changes in altitude can have quite an effect on the temperature, so bring several layers of clothes to ensure you’re comfortable, and above all, be sure to bring your camera along on what promises to be one of the most memorable train journeys of your life.

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