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What Edward Snowden and American “Escapee” Expats Have in Common

Article Summary:

Edward Snowden has learned what most American expats in Ecuador already knew: it’s a great place to escape to. Good living, great weather, and excellent medical care are branding this South American country as one of the world’s top spots for retirees – with many Americans heading there to spend their golden years.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

rican ‘escapees’

Ecuador is tipped to be the most likely bolt hole for Edward Snowden – and he would be in good company there.

Good living, great weather and excellent medical care make the country the world’s top spot for retirees – with many Americans heading there to spend their golden years.

Located in the remote north-west region of South America, Ecuador has a population of just 15 million.

But it is proving attractive for expats with a cheap cost of living, good weather and top-class yet affordable health care.

The country recently topped a poll on the International Living website, which is about overseas retirement. The site used its international network of writers, editors and expats to assess factors ranging from how easy it is to make friends in the country to the ease at which one can get around.

The official language is Spanish, although English is widely spoken, and the country has an excellent safety record by South American standards.

Ecuador is governed by a democratically elected president, for a four-year term – the current incumbent is Rafael Correa.

The country has often placed great emphasis on multilateral approaches to international issues and is a member of the United Nations.

Last year, it gave another whistle- blower, Australian Julian Assange, refuge in its embassy in London after the WikiLeaks founder sought to avoid extradition to Sweden.

While the Assange case gave Ecuador a high profile, it also put the country in a delicate diplomatic position.

Ecuador has tried unsuccessfully to negotiate safe conduct with the UK government so Assange can leave the embassy without being arrested.paste the text that you get from the original article, or from google translate if you had to translate it.

Make sure you space out the paragraphs as they should look. Sometimes the spacing gets screwed up in the copy & paste.

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