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$5 Million Dollar Road and Port Improvement Slated for La Union, El Salvador

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With an investment of $ 5 million El Salvador’s newest infrastructure project will include the repair and construction of new roads in the expanding coastal area known as La Union. It will also mark the commencement to unite El Tamarindo with the city of La Union, where over $ 3.5 million is dedicated to the building a port.

Original Article Text From La Prensa Grafica via Google Translate :

Improve Roads Adjacent to the Port of La Union

From 2012, the road network surrounding the port of La Union, east of the country began to improve. The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) refines the details of a master plan to provide better roads to the city of La Union and even the entire area, said the minister, Gerson Martinez.

At the moment, and began the reconstruction of sections of road that leads to the Coastal Jagüey, which starts at the point known as El Delirio. This stretch is approximately 8 miles. Then build a new stretch from El Jagüey to El Tamarindo.

“Immediately after tear a paved road that has never existed tips The Jagüey, where the track of the Armed Forces, to the tip El Tamarindo. This will be done in 2012, “Martinez revealed.

This portion of road will pass through Las Tunas and Playas Negras. Connecting the Coast to the Jagüey was built in 1978 and the date is almost nonexistent, said the minister.

The director of the Road Maintenance Fund (FOVIAL), Eliud Martinez said that within a month expect the new road designs and in three months expect to be in the bidding process.

This project will require an investment of $ 1.5 million. The first stage FOVIAL own expense and the second will be financed with funds from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE).

However, beyond works, because this road upon completion the project will begin to unite El Tamarindo with the city of La Union.

“But our strategy is not just that … The area has high tourism potential as we link it to the Union, “said Ayala. In the design also provides for a road connecting El Tamarindo with the Union. “So that people who are in Union do not have to turn around to get to El Tamarindo but direct access,” said the head of FOVIAL.

The MOP is also in discussions with the Ministry of Tourism to build a jetty at El Tamarindo. The designs will be delivered in a month so there is still detail its cost, but is expected to run in 2012.

“We’re doing a master plan which we hope to an entire state in the joint search for funding and implementation. It is an inter-ministerial competition, “he explained.The MOP also preparing to launch in 2012 the construction of a new boulevard between the seaport and the city of La Union.

“In the city which will bring the MOP is to provide a port city boulevard access is at the height of a competitive port city as needed,” said the head of Public Works. This work of 2.7 km starts from the wrapper and end on the circle next to the port. The cost will be $ 3.5 million.

Martinez also said that promote a project called “total connectivity” with which to look for the union to be better connected to the department in the country. For this, use part of the machinery that gave Japan this year.

Martinez explained, the Government envisages a development project consisting of three circles: the first is the port, the second city and the third, the micro-region of La Union.

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