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$70 Million to Modernize El Salvador’s International Airport

Article Summary:

El Salvador will invest $70 million for the rehabilitation and modernization of the International Airport of El Salvador.

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Original Article Text From el Mundo via Google Translate :

Government will invest $ 70 million to modernize International Airport

The President of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA), Alberto Arene, explained that the Government of the Republic earmarked $ 70 million for the rehabilitation and modernization of the International Airport of El Salvador.

Funds will be used to replace the radar system and sleeves through which passengers entering or descending aircraft, resurfacing of the runway, renovation of restrooms, the modernization of the air conditioning system, creating sales pitches preparing food and trade policy.

ECA said that during the last 15 years have not made investments to rehabilitate and modernize the airport. “The airport was abandoned for many years and we see it: the sleeves that take passengers to airplanes and air conditioners, life ended for some time, this has to be changed immediately,” said the president of the organization.

The owner of CEPA also said the current investment will strengthen safety, improve airport efficiency and passenger comfort to ensure international certification.

For the rehabilitation and modernization of infrastructure, manage CEPA 56.4 million in loans, according to the president of the institution. Furthermore, the autonomous capital is financing the construction of new stairs and an elevator with greater capacity.

The government plans to update the master plan, which was developed in 2007 to meet the projected demand for face to develop the project and the necessary studies for airport expansion in the coming years.

CEPA also seeks to make the airport of El Salvador into a logistics hub for cargo and aircraft production. “We hope that we get at the end of this process, the next four or five years, have the airport safer, more efficient, greener, more profitable and more beautiful in Central America”, said Arene.

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