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Avianca Announces More Operations in El Salvador

Article Summary:

The airline has announced that from September, 60 additional flights will come to the country, which will mean an increase of 9% in passenger arrivals.

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Original Article Text From el Mundo via Google Translate :

Passengers will grow 9% more flights of Avianca

The increase in the number of flights Avianca implemented from September in El Salvador, will mean an increase of 9% in the arrival of passengers, reported representatives of this company.

Yesterday, the airline confirmed the increase of more than 60 flights arrive in the country, due to the restructuring of its hub or “hub” they have in Costa Rica, as Diario El Mundo published a few weeks ago.

This amount will allow the capacity of the “hub” in El Salvador also increase by 16%, according to the estimates.

Avianca commercial director for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, Danilo Sepulveda said that annually receives 1.3 million passengers in El Salvador, while the entry of new frequencies, the number would increase by 120,000 users in one year, ie 10,000 new passengers a month.

“We are targeting segments and partly variable business management philosophy is to look for something integral segments,” Sepulveda said, referring to the type of audience that will embrace the changes that will be implemented.

The entry of the new flights will be gradual: In mid-September, will join 28 of them, while 25 more will be added on November 15. The remaining seven will be operational from December 6, explained the executive.

Sepulveda said the changes announced respond to market opportunities. “We see opportunities, and we’re growing because we see that the demand will respond,” he added.

Avianca continues to work with the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) in logistics will involve more planes entry El Salvador International Airport.

The autonomous and had discussed options such as the use of idle times or optimize the air terminal parking spaces runways.

For its part, the International Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs Avianca, Claudia Arenas, said the airline considered among other things, the attention of multiple air passengers in boarding gate.

“This brings us to strengthen the hub of El Salvador, in terms of number of frequencies, schedules and have more options,” he said.

Avianca also said it will make a bank restructuring its night flights.

With the new flights, the greater the connectivity to destinations in Central America, Europe, Brazil and the Caribbean.

From September 60 operation will start new flights from Avianca.

10 MIL
It is expected that 10,000 new passengers arrive each month for the operation.

The annual growth in passenger arrivals of 9% with these changes.

El Salvador will launch direct flights to Chicago
Avianca announced the addition of a new direct flight from El Salvador to Chicago, in the United States.

Thus, now totaling 26 flights departing from this category El Salvador to other destinations, said yesterday Avianca commercial director for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, Danilo Sepulveda.

The operations on this route begin on September 17, making it on the direct flight number 12 towards the American nation with a frequency of four flights per week.

“This transaction will increase two months to daily flights,” said Sepulveda.

The airline will have a special rate of $ 499 all inclusive for a week, which will be valid for people traveling between September 15 and December 15 this year.

The executive explained that the operation of these direct flights will have a fleet of Airbus 319.

$ 499
As introductory price, the direct flight El Salvador – Chicago cost $ 499 all inclusive.

This becomes the direct flight number 12 which has the airline to America.

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