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Customs Strike in El Salvador Continues at Border Crossing and Airports

Article Summary:

A strike by Salvadorian Treasury Officials at the Customs Offices has goods and vehicles paralyzed. As negotiations for a $1000 bonus are underway with government officials, the National Civil Police are processing and reviewing travel documents at the International airport and selected land crossings to facilitate the movement of people and goods.

Photo Credit: Prensa Grafica

Original Article Text From Prensa Grafica via Google Translate :

Customs and Finance Workers Still off Duty

For the third consecutive day, the employees of Customs and the Ministry of Finance has suspended administrative duties, affecting trade flows of passengers and taxpayers at the border and in the administrative offices of the government entity, respectively.

For this morning, employees, requiring the cancellation of a bond of $ 1,000, will give a press conference which is expected to explain the situation and if the measure of unemployment will continue or end in the coming hours. Because of this stoppage, the Finance Minister Carlos Caceres, requested patience from the union, arguing that the bond trading was affected by the hospitalization of the Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Hato Hasbun, who underwent urgent surgery a few days ago.

“I can not give my employees something I can not give it also to other public employees, “he said Caceres. However, employees of the Union claim that there is a $ 9 million that can be used for this commitment.

In the customs border El Poy, The Amatillo, The Chinamas and The Hachadura, staff of the National Civil Police (PNC) was deployed during the morning to streamline administrative processes and prevent further affecting transit through them.

Yesterday at 6:00 pm , the border is Amatillo with free passage, by the act of the PNC in the process of reviewing documents and goods. International Airport on orders of PNC agents of the National Civil Police (PNC) are delivered by air freight, due the strike that takes place at the International Airport of El Salvador, Comalapa (La Paz).

The documents are requesting agents are: load control bill issued by ECA; declaration of office and back (four copies of each ), which must be filed in the office of the Airport Cargo. the load baggage neglect carries a fine or other offense, not being delivered.

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