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El Salvador: $56 Million Added to Road Maintenance Fund

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In 2012 the Road Maintenance Fund of El Salvador along with the Ministry of Public Works spent $87.8 million on the construction of urban roads, rural roads, and road maintenance. Due to natural disasters and lacking infrastructure, the government has added to the 2012 budget an amount of $56 million which will be used for the construction of a corridor from Lourdes to San Martin in the metropolitan area of San Salvador.

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$ 56 million investment FOVIAL

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) and the Road Maintenance Fund (Fovial) presented as part of the accountability report, projects with $ 62 million allocated to the 2011 budget.

These include road construction, road maintenance, mitigation of the gully and bridge maintenance. The buildings and works to rebuild the damage caused by the storm E-12, needed $ 10 million IDA funds. For this reason, the budget will decrease to $ 56 million. “construction means betting on a revival of the economy and of the business, whether large, small or micro,” said Gerson Martinez, Minister of Public Works.

It also raised the need to give priority to the national small business award of contracts and tenders. As FOVIAL, expect to maintain the current budget and increase it to 17%, as the previous year. FOVIAL Executive Director, Eliud Ayala, said there has been implementing projects assigned by the MOP, as a whole. Compared with 2007, investment increased to $ 3 million.

Construction allocated Since its formation, the Fovial was assigned the construction of 4 000 500 kilometers a year. Currently, build 6 000 544 kilometers which will invest $ 87.8 million. Furthermore, various highways have completed their useful life, as is the case with the road and Sonsonate Sensuntepeque Acajutla.

In these ways the patching is not enough and need to redo it to hold it steady. $ 41.4 million will be allocated to this task. For new projects, the road to the jets will have a constructive task than $ 13 million that will last approximately eight months. The project will begin its operational work in a fortnight. Ayala says the road will have a profit of at least 15 years.

As a future project is planned to build a corridor of the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador (AMSS), as an alternative to existing roads. This corridor starts at Lourdes in the stretch of road of the jets, will continue in the fragment of the Havana Diego de Santa Tecla, connect with Venezuela Boulevard and Boulevard of the Army to finish in San Martin.

MOP continues to rebuild ravages of 12 E- MOP and withdrew Fovial 174 000 433 meters of land in cubic roads blocked by landslides caused by tormenta12-E in 2011. this with an investment of $ 9.9 million. Civil Protection identified risk areas 713, 251 have been resolved and 86 are working at the time. 376 areas are resolved.

The Minister of Public Works, Gerson Martinez, said “We have to maintain several gullies and slopes of the country that threaten the lives of drivers. Climate change is causing havoc on the road networks in the country, so we work on them. ” Other investment related to the storm, invested $ 4 million 151 thousand 412 of funds MOP and special expenses for maintenance of bridges and gullies nearby, as the connection between the Boulevard of Heroes and the road to Comalapa, at the monument to Brother Far, added the Minister.

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