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El Salvador: 75 Cities Benefit from Stage II of Millennium Fund Tourist Funds

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El Salvador is set to spend the second half of its Millennium Fund monies on 75 popular tourist destinations. The funds will cover close to 1.5 million people, representing 25% of the Salvadorian population, in which investments will be made in public-private partnerships, private investments and human capital development.

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“With FOMILENIO II has the best chance for the country’s tourism sector”

The coastal area of ​​the country will be a great benefit to the second stage of the Millennium Fund (FOMILENIO). For the head of the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR), Jose Napoleon Duarte, the project can be classified as a national vision which will invest in 75 municipalities in which the topic will be strategic tourism.

During his participation in the Online Interview PRESS GRAPHICS, Duarte stressed that FOMILENIO II will cover almost 1.5 million people, representing 25% of the Salvadoran population.

“In all projects there will be components of human capital development very important, there will be an encouragement to private investment, the partnership. We will be working hard to ensure that projects are assembled in this strategy of growth and development, “he confirmed.

Also, jobs, productivity and competitiveness will be impacted favorably. “Here (with FOMILENIO II) has the best chance for the country’s tourism sector.”

Duarte said the private companies to issue tourist should not miss the opportunity to invest more because it will facilitate the conditions for doing so.

On another issue, the minister shared that during his tenure as head of MITUR has worked to position the country tourist.

While in 2009 closed with a deficit in terms of tourists visiting the country in that year was 1,481,748 visitors in 2010 launched an aggressive strategy that brought good results and the figure rose to 1,605,358, while 2011 ended with 1,634,679. The projection of visits for 2012 is to receive approximately 1,700,000 people.

With regard to international foreign exchange earnings nation signals generated in the country, said that 2009 closed with $ 516 million. For 2010 and 2011 reported an increase, especially last year with $ 615 million representing an increase of 18.5%. “By 2012 is expected to close foreign exchange inter nation als of $ 625 million, “he added.

He said that Central American countries are about 12.5 million tourists, of which only 1.6 million are destined for El Salvador . “I would love to have four million tourists, but not have the capacity to receive,” he said, while acknowledging that it needs to invest more in a matter of hotels, for example, there are only 403 in the whole country.

“Thus we need more rooms, more places for conferences, we need better restaurants, better quality, that municipalities invest in tourist destinations,” he said.

On the other hand, shared working in different activities to encourage El Salvador as a tourist destination on an international nation to countries like Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, among others.

Options for Easter
Minister of Tourism offers a range of options for both Salvadorans and foreigners in these Easter holidays, including the Costa del Sol, qualifies as a tourist destination “extraordinary” for its variety of beaches, the bay and the chain restaurants and hotels. It has two stages, in which the Salvadoran Institute of Tourism (ISTU) has invested about $ 200,000 respectively.

Investment with different arrangements have been made to modernize the area. During the holidays there will be a beach soccer tournament in place.

Another option offered is the big tourist boat, located in the port of La Libertad, a destination where the current management MITUR built three stages of four it currently has.

He said that early indications already received funding to build on that site Marinera place a bet that aims to create a kind of gastronomic shopping center will have the ability to install approximately 1,000 people. On the other hand, said that all vacation spots will feature the respective security

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