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El Salvador Aiming to be A Global Competitor

Article Summary:

The Minister of Economy of El Salvador wants a more level playing field with the world. To reach its goals it has initiated the National Quality Policy with the goal to market goods and services and products which meet global standards.

Original Article Text From Ministerio de Economia El Salvador via Google Translate :

MINEC Launches National Quality Policy

Economy Minister Hector Dada Hirezi launched this December 13 National Quality Policy, with which not only seeks to make a difference as to convert El Salvador into a country more competitive, but also where consumers achieve higher levels respect for the side of the supply of goods and services.

According to the minister Hirezi Given the National Quality Policy is to promote actions that allow the production, marketing of goods and services comply with technical regulations and quality standards respectively.

“This policy seeks to encourage a culture of consumer enforcement of quality,” said Minister Hirezi Because while adding that together with the Industrial Policy and the National Policy for Consumer Protection is to turn El Salvador into a most competitive country where consumers achieve higher levels of products and services of good quality and safety.

Among the main benefits of implementing this policy are:

    • For the country in general, improve economic competitiveness, facilitating commercial, industrial and service sectors.
    • For consumers, set conditions for strengthening the protection of its legitimate objectives, and foster the enforcement of their rights.
    • For employers and strengthen its competitiveness in the various internal and external markets.
    • For the public sector, improving coordination, facilitating the development, harmonization and implementation of technical regulations.

Given Hirezi now said that the country now has a new regulatory structure to promote quality legal, its governing institutions and ways of doing things, defined in the three policies mentioned and particularly in this matter, the National Policy Quality. And is that the implementation of the National Quality Policy lies in its articulation and coordination in the public and private sectors, in continuous and constructive dialogue to address and achieve the goals and objectives consistent with the reality of the country effectively and efficiently .

Specific axes for the National Quality Policy are related to:

    • Promote activities for production, marketing of goods and services comply with technical regulations and standards of quality
    consumer • Encourage a culture of enforcement of quality and safety features in products and services purchased;
    • actions to encourage business development in harmony with the environment;
    • Strengthen the institutional framework for mutual recognition of procedures for conformity assessment to facilitate transactions of goods and services nationally and internationally;
    • Facilitate the inclusion of issues quality in the formal education system at all levels and promote human resource training in public and private sectors, including certification of their competence.

To achieve these targets have been defined 4 strategies:

  • Institutional and legal framework.
    It requires a broad participation of the institutions involved in the Salvadoran Quality System, which help to strengthen the economic sectors and protecting the legitimate rights of consumers and require efficient interagency coordination between public and private sector, to work on a common vision for the country.

  • Education and culture to the quality
    required of human resource training in skills associated with quality issues and the training of teachers of different academic levels.
    It is important to develop closer links between business and academia to better training of human resources at all levels and to promote applied research for innovation in quality systems.
  • Strengthening business in quality, safety and environment.
    The productive sector has to improve substantially the quality and safety of their products and services as well as business and economic development in harmony with the environment through the use of efficient and clean. The state must contribute.

  • Consumer Protection
    National Quality Policy is aimed at consumers embrace a culture of enforcement regarding the quality of products and services, which must comply with applicable regulations. It requires strengthened institutions for effective quality monitoring.
  • Communications and Public Relations Management
    Ministry of Economy
    San Salvador, December 13, 2011.

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