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El Salvador Begins $269 Million Northern Highway Expansion

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El Salvador began construction of a Northern Highway from Metapan, Santa Ana to Anamoros, La Union this month with a price tag of $269 million. As part of the “Road Connectivity Project” through the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the country hopes to enhance its productivity, economy and communication among 94 specific municipalities connected by the highway.

photo Credit: Millennum Challenge Corporation

Original Article Text From Millennum Challenge Corporation via Google Translate :

The New path of Development: Longitudinal del Norte

The construction of the Northern Highway, the work performed by FOMILENIO through the Road Connectivity Project has a cost of U.S. $ 269.2 million dollars. These funds come from the U.S. Government to enhance the productivity, economy and communication among 94 municipalities with the rest of the country and Central America.

The route begins in Metapan, Santa Ana, and ends in Anamorós, La Union has generated more than 2,600 jobs a month and once completed will benefit 850, 000 people with its 219 kilometers long.

A total of 13 sections and 25 bridges, three of them cross the Rio Lempa and have connected regions separated by more than four decades in Santa Rosa Guachipilín, Santa Ana; Name of Jesus, Chalatenango and New Eden de San Juan, San Miguel .

Within the project running 57 social works, which involves the participation of local governments and communities for the development of municipalities, also a resettlement plan and purchase of rights of way to improve the quality of life for many families with new housing, parallel to the construction, implementing a Plan to Prevent HIV – AIDS and environmental mitigation measures.

For this year, before September 2012. El Salvador will have a two-way traffic lanes by a sense that will increase productivity, access to basic health services, promote tourism, trade and economy of 94 municipalities that will be connected with the rest of the country.

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From Millennum Challenge Corporation

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