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El Salvador Committed to Airport Renovation, Installs $4.2 Million in Air Traffic Control System

Article Summary:

El Salvador appears to be committed to renovating its antiquated San Salvador airport, as it has announced the purchase of air traffic control equipment worth an estimated $4.2 million.

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Original Article Text From Prensa Grafica via Google Translate :

New Air Traffic Control Equipment in the AIES

A new system for air traffic control is on the way to the International Airport El Salvador (AIES). The Spanish company INDRA will be responsible for providing radar control center at a cost of $ 4.2 million, as revealed by the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA).

To purchase, ECA provided $ 2.5 million and the Central American Corporation for Air Navigation Services (COCESNA) $ 1.7 million as co.

“We have the technology for aviation and airport remain the safest airport in Central America,” said Alberto Arene, head of the autonomous, after closing the deal with the supplier.

The radar control center is the place where air traffic controllers receive radar data to flight plans, approaches and departures of ships.

Alirio Serrano, president of COCESNA, said the acquisition is a “big step” for the airport. “It means that when we got to have some damage to the radar or radar control center will be an immediate repair because COCESNA will have equipment in their warehouses and may remove any replacement immediately,” he said.

The system will be installed in the airport terminal is known commercially as AirCon 2100 or Automation System Air Traffic Control.

This technology meets the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). According to Ezekiel Bravo, international director of Indra, the technology implemented in El Salvador is used in major European countries.

He asserted that this system controllers have much more information to plan air traffic, by making “much faster and more secure” their actions.

Commercially, the airport can also take advantage. “That is, any company, including Iberia, when the pilot lands here you will find one of the most modern equipment from anywhere in the world,” said the executive.

One advantage of this system is anticipated to potential airplane crashes, Garikoitz Gauna said, one of the technicians of Indra. “Evaluate careers and when he senses that at some point they will find (the planes) warns the driver itself.”

The company will train staff in Madrid airport in the country. The equipment will be installed at the airport in 2013. The acquisition is part of the modernization and rehabilitation ECA implements the airport facilities.

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