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El Salvador Continues to Suffer from a Lack of Interest

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El Salvador is failing at attracting visitors and businesses, as was evident at its recent International Fair which served only as a venue for business meetings.

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Original Article Text From El Salvador via Google Translate :

The Internet has Evolved Convention Events

The attraction of international visitors to the fairs was seen machinery, equipment, tools and all kinds of products, and enjoy a wide variety of snacks and purchase items for personal use, has been lost to the development of information technology, specifically the internet, as entrepreneurs and Deputy Minister of Economy.

That was one reason why the recent International Fair of El Salvador did not achieve the success of several years ago when its facilities were overwhelmed to house the thousands of visitors who attended in search of new things, promotions and overall fun as Pablo Arturo Duran, president of the Union Mipyme and CEO Pan St. Hedwig.

This also agrees Coxport president, Francisco Bolaños, and executive director, Silvia Cuellar, who said that it is absolutely right Deputy Economy Minister, Roger Hernandez, who said that the international fairs, in recent years, have evolved through communication technologies, and which today are specialized public events.

That “has it absolutely right. We were not expecting to have an event of a large audience, because that is not the goal, and that is what I say yes, because it is a business event,” he said.

However, he said that the mistake of the organizers of the fair was open to the public and not have foreseen the consequences, including not having timely information as the program or on the distribution of the “stands”.

Regardless if open to the public or only business conferences are organized is imperative for the success of a show of this nature not improvise your organization, ended.

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