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El Salvador Courts Surfers as Investment Group

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As one of the top 10 places to surf, El Salvador has the potential to attract the attention of more than 30 million surfers worldwide and it wants to tap into its portion of the millions of dollars generated annually by neighboring Central American countries.

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Surfing in El Salvador: The Potential to Attract Investment

Surfing has become an emerging for countries with suitable wave to slip over them. According to the Australian Internet Hotelclub.com El Salvador for its perfect waves right, this ranks as one of the top 10 places to surf, making it a potential country to attract the attention of more than 30 million surfers worldwide.

From 4 to July 8 in Playa Punta Roca, took out the Quiksilver Cup World Championships, an event that becomes a great opportunity to draw the attention of more than 30 million surfers worldwide.

The surf market worldwide representing a turnover estimated at more than $ 13 million per year, numbers that each passing year are increasing. The neighboring country Costa Rica, after boosting several years tourism surfing, has established itself as the third world surfing destination.

In Nicaragua, according to figures published in the New Journal currently reach over 700 thousand tourists surf generated revenues of over $500 million annually.

Panama has also been investing efforts for surfing championships take place in that country and has made ​​this segment now represents 15% of tourism revenue.

In El Salvador, the business around the surf grows more and more investment PROESA registered in the hotel tourism in 2011, 33% were related to the activity of surfing. This segment also generated local development in the coastal area of La Libertad, mostly on the beach.

El Tunco, an area where the fishing is also prevalent, there have been inns, restaurants, cafes, shops, transportation services and many others service as tourist guides, rent surfboards and teachers / as Spanish.

For local people, surfing has generated income, cultural exchange and a better quality of life. public investments such as construction of the Malecón, the placement of lamps for night surfing and the access road to the beach El Tunco, support for that foreign tourists, mostly, turn your gaze to the beaches of this country.

It is hoped that the Fomilenio II, further development of the coastal infrastructure to accommodate more tourists surf and attract more foreign investment.

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