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El Salvador Increases Its Customs Fees on Container Transports, Still Lowest in Central America

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All containers which enter or exit El Salvador will pay a fee of $18. The new fee is also levied against those goods which are in transit to other countries, announced Directorate General of Customs (DGA) of Ministry of Finance of El Salvador. In comparison to other customs fees issued in Central America, El Salvador’s increase still keeps it ranked among the lowest in the region.

Original Article Text From Prensa Grafica via Google Translate :

The fee of $ 18 in Customs will be Widespread

All container to enter the national territory with goods or leave the country with exports shall pay a fee of $ 18 that passed the Legislature, including those goods which are in transit to other countries, said yesterday the Directorate General of Customs (DGA) of Ministry of Finance.

However, the Director of Customs, Deisy Reynosa, explained that the containers will be scanned by X-ray equipment will be those who obtain only red light to pass through the traffic lights and after being evaluated by the risk management module.

According to the DGA, users will pay for a service that includes scales, flow meters, CCTV cameras, detection system as drugs and explosives trace and X-ray

Placing non-intrusive equipment is part of Customs modernization plan, valued at about $ 8 million, excluding $ 33 million cost X-ray equipment

The DGA argues that the use of this technology will facilitate trade and become more agile the passage of goods through customs, while union as the Salvadoran Association of Industries (ASI) have rejected the payment because they think it will generate a loss of competitiveness.

The ASI requested that the charge was reduced to $ 5.

Raul Alfaro, president of the Salvadoran Association of International Cargo Carriers (ASTIC) said they would prefer that the cost is zero for the benefits it would bring in tax revenue to discover contraband. “The carrier will have to absorb the cost. If I pay $ 18 to introduce goods, this will increase between $ 20 and $ 25 freight, “he said.

Reynosa said reducing the rate is difficult since it is based on a cost structure.

“Talk about a rate below that would talk about subsidized rates, which is not feasible. We believe that is attached to costs and be competitive (with respect to Central America), “noted the official.

In Puerto Cortes, Honduras, the fee is $ 27.50; in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, $ 17.50; in Panama was set at $ 20, as originally proposed for El Salvador .

The reform has not been sanctioned by the president, Mauricio Funes.

As is known the decision of the Executive, the DGA works in the instructions to answer all the doubts that the implementation of the new collection is generating among entrepreneurs.

Once the amendments to the Customs Simplification Act are published in the Diario Oficial, the DGA has eight months to complete the project

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