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El Salvador Innovates; Opens Offices in 14 Consulates To Focus on Tourism and Trade Investment

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The Salvadoran government has launched an ambitious investment campaign called “Directors economic, trade and tourism,” whose main purpose is to attract trade, investment and tourism through special offices located at its 14 embassies worldwide.

Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

El Salvador Launches Program To Attract Trade, Tourism And Investments

The Salvadoran government today launched the “Directors economic, trade and tourism,” whose main purpose is to attract trade, investment and tourism through special offices in its embassies.

This is “an innovative program in which an office attached to an embassy or consulate of El Salvador will work a counselor whose main task will be to identify business opportunities, investment, tourism and technical cooperation for the country,” he said at the opening Salvadoran Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez.

As part of the Comprehensive Strategy to Promote Production promoted by the Government through the Ministry of Economy, is an effort between the Ministry of Tourism, the Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments of El Salvador (PROESA), the Technical Secretariat and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said.

He explained that the Salvadoran businessmen may have through the “access to international contacts and have the support in intelligence and market diversification,” among other benefits.

Martinez said that the first office will be operational soon in Los Angeles, Washington (USA), Bogota (Colombia), Madrid (Spain) Sao Paulo (Brazil). To open these offices El Salvador took into account, inter alia, “the growth of international trade, high potential for product placement, duration of a Free Trade Agreement, infrastructure and strategic location,” he explained.

The counseling offices work in consulates or embassies of El Salvador in these countries, except for Sao Paulo, which will work in a facility other than the diplomatic mission in Brasilia.

“We have a diplomatic mission in Brasilia, but the principal business activity is via Sao Paulo and we are putting the office” in that city, Martinez said after the inauguration.

He added that at the end of this year the government plans to have seven offices worldwide economic advisers and to close 2014, his final year in office, at least fourteen offices.

He noted that this type of program also aims to promote micro and small enterprises, because “constitute an important segment for economic development,” and they employ 66% of the economically active population (about three million people, according to other sources), he added.

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