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El Salvador: Investors Offer to Build La Union Airport

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The rapidly growing coastal area of La Union is set to get new roads in 2012 and now a group of investors have approached the El Salvador Ministry of Public Works (MOP) and proposed building an airport. According to MOP, a work of this kind would cost about $ 100 million and the country has a shortage of financial resources to achieve this goal claiming it take a public-private venture to succeed.

Original Article Text From La Prensa Grafica via Google Translate :

Investors Interested in Building an Airport

Public Works Minister, Gerson Martinez, revealed that a group of investors approached the ministry to propose a project to build an airport in La Union.

“When a group of investors MOP we have proposed a possible public-private project to build an airport in the area, very near the port city,” he said. Martinez said there is also a preliminary design of this type for a work of this kind in the airfield located at the tip of the Jagüey.

” El Salvador will have to decide on this, “he predicted. In the minister’s desk there are other projects to improve road connectivity in the country. He said the department of La Union would be the center of the development project of the coastal area of the country, to be financed with the resources and the second compact Millennium Fund (FOMILENIO), the initiative “Bridge” or partners public-private partnerships.

One of the challenges of medium and long term portfolio of Public Works is to expand the Panamerican Highway, it is up to St. Vincent where they have four lanes.

“From there it slows down traffic, the trucks go take a long time,” says Martinez. This expansion would include construction of a “by-pass” in San Miguel.

The official said the International Cooperation Agency of Japan (JIIC) is supporting the country in a study to determine what would be the most appropriate design for the work in San Miguel. In addition, pending the issue of financing.

According to Martinez, a work of this kind would cost about $ 100 million. Due to the shortage of fiscal resources for a country like El Salvador , the Minister considers that a law such as public private partnership is key. The ministry also on the agenda the Coastal Highway extension. “You need at least become four-lane highway and can be done in stages,” said the headline.

According to Martinez, this project could be done with an effort of the State or public-private partnership.

He said the technical secretary of the Presidency, Alexander Segovia, this law was to be sent shortly to the Legislative Assembly.

The parliament’s finance committee was scheduled to discuss this year, even before the approval of the General Budget of the Nation 201

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