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El Salvador Jumps into Mega Resorts; Five on Tap for 2012

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Mega resorts might be El Salvador’s answer to gaining its share of tourists dollars. The country has announced two, of the planned five, large-scale tourism projects; Adventure Park, a $2 million theme park, and Plaza Marina, with an estimated value of $ 4.5 million at Puerto de la Libertad. Two yet-to-be defined large scale projects and a public-private partnership are also in the works.

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El Salvador Will Invest in Five Projects To Boost Tourism Beach and Mountain

In the framework of the Tenth Sector Board Strategic Tourism Investment, which was attended by private sector and representatives of FOMILENIO, the Salvadoran Chamber of Tourism (CASATUR) PROESA and investors, the Minister of Tourism, Jose Napoleon Duarte Duran announced this morning on the execution of five mega resorts that have a significant economic impact nationally.

The sector table was developed with the aim of promoting a strategic commitment to further strengthen and support the tourism industry through anchors that can become real centers of development in efficient and productive for the country.

Between the period of 2010-2011 was spent “a total of $ 70 million regular budget, extraordinary, equity and private sector investment. These are levels at which employers have invested in a range of $ 200,000 to $ 400,000 in medium and small projects, “the owner of the field.

A total of five projects are expected to generate and increase employment opportunities in the area, among the most strategic are: Square Fish, whose investment amount required of $ 4.5 million (will be an anchor complementary Port of Liberty) .

Other public investment project is Adventure Park (complete attraction of adventure, which split into two parts, each worth one million dollars) and finally two large projects. (Cerro Verde and Icacal) to be developed with public private partnership. Addition of two soccer fields in Costa del Sol beach and water park Apulo both projects have an investment of $ 3 million.

“It is estimated that within the next few years will move on these projects, investing $ 10 million each as anchors and towns of tourist development. FOMILENIO II will generate an impact which tourism is a force, renewing the approach to tourism investment and production employment opportunities, “said Duarte.

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  • Patricia Mathisen

    WARNING!!!! You will have problems entering El Salvador or denied access altogether! We read the propaganda about the wonderful tourism in El Salvador and attempted to drive there from Honduras. We were DENIED entry at the border crossing at El Amatillo. We are a 67 year old couple, driving a Ford pick-up through Central America, with nothing but the idea of enjoying the beauty of El Salvador on our minds. We were sent to the customs inspection loading dock area, but we were never searched. We were told by a snide official, a person named “Ponce,” that because our vehicle was purchased in Costa Rica (in 1997), but we do not reside there, we could not be allowed entry to El Salvador. I carry an American passport, and am a retiree of the International Monetary Fund. My fiance’ is a Spanish Citizen. We reside in Merida, Mexico. We have never been denied access, or had any kind of challenge at any Central American country border crossing before, so we were in SHOCK! Trying to get the name of the Supervisor of the installation was very nearly impossible, but someone told us it is a “Mr. Eddis.” When we went back to the Honduras crossing, the officials there informed us that this happens to ALL NON-CENTRAL AMERICANS trying to cross there, and that they see at least four or more foreigners per day being denied access for NO REASON. Sure enough, a family with a camper with OHIO plates were turned away just after we were. This was on June 21 at 11:30 am. Another friend we met later told us he attended a conference in El Salvador and was detained by the local police for no reason. He is Honduran. Such outrageous behavior by a country which seems to be trying to enhance tourism!
    The final irony is that the current Minister of Tourism is a former English student of mine, Jose Napoleon Duarte Duran. When I mentioned his name to Mr. “Ponce,” the official who denied us entry, he just laughed heartily.

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