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El Salvador: La Union Port Seeks Tourists

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The recent arrival of a training ship to Port La Union, El Salvador brought roughly $50,000 in tourism income. To keep the influx of funds coming, port managers are working with the Ministry of Tourism to bring passenger ships to the port for upwards of six months of the year.

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The Port of La Union seeks to attract tourist

The ship Maritime School of Education, in which 340 students traveling from California Maritime Academy (CMA, for its acronym in English) is the first ship is not docked yesterday merchant in the port of La Union, and whose passengers become potential tourists once on land.

According to the manager of the Port, Milton Lacayo, who was one of the intermediaries to ensure the arrival of the training ship, the sight of young students leave about $ 50,000 in income from tourism The Union and the surrounding region, so that “we are working with the Ministry of Tourism to bring passenger ships would be arriving six months to a year. ”

But a position in the schedule arrival of the shipping, “is a struggle that takes too long, can carry up to three years of negotiations and arrange for a shipping company and choose a country to take as a cruise destination,” said Herbert Sermeño, adviser to the minister of tourism.

However, it is expected next year the arrival of cruise ships that are already selling their trips, said Sermeño.

One of the conditions imposed by the cruise lines is a country that has a dock where you can dock a cruise ship that has the capacity to accept 2,000 to 3,000 tourists can travel at once, having transportation infrastructure in roads and communications. They also call for tour operators.

Management so that the training ship Golden Bear came to El Salvador, took about a year.

Guest of honor
The mayor, Ezekiel Milla, handed over the keys to the city to the ship’s captain, Harry Bolton, considering them “guests of honor.”

According Mile, this symbolic act, “is making history by receiving not a captain, but 350 people who come by boat, which had the confidence to come to La Union, with other ports, and the least we can do is to open the doors of our city. ”

Before coming to La Union, the ship was in Jamaica.

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