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El Salvador Launches $350 Million Ad Campaign

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El Salvador is expecting 30,000 visitors during the month of August, a growth of 2.7%, and hopes to see these numbers grow as it launches an aggressive ad campaign aimed at its Central American neighbors.

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Original Article Text From El Mundo via Google Translate :

Receive 30,000 Tourists in the Region During Holiday

The average daily spending per tourist is around $ 96, according to the Ministry of Tourism, which in total expected 41.000 visitors.

In the next holiday of August the country would receive an estimated 30,000 tourists in Central America, among Guatemalans, Hondurans and Nicaraguans.

Projections by the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) indicate a possible increase of 3% of the national economy that, compared to last year during this holiday.

The Central Americans are would add about 11,000 Americans and Europeans, who could spend between $ 95 daily or $ 96 for the week of vacation, because of the patronal feast of the capital.

If the projection of visits to the country marks a first estimate of the economic gain would be about $ 3.8 million.

Tourism Minister, Jose Napoleon Duarte, said that this area is dynamic and economic in the last three years the increase is significant.

Only domestic tourism in 2011 generated $ 60.6 million. This is in addition to the $ 40 million Salvadorans living abroad contribute to the economy when they spend their holiday in the country.

Duarte said the August holiday is a time-out “small”, but adds in generating foreign exchange.

Growth Trend
The general manager of the Salvadoran Tourism Corporation (CORSATUR), Roberto Viera, said that in recent years have behaved tourism on the rise.

In 2011 the growth recorded was 2.7%, this means that if you meet the target set by the Government of 3%, this sector will increase by 0.3% economic.

This phenomenon results from a behavior of slow but sustained economic growth in this sector.

When the present administration took over this area Mitur economic recorded a drop in visitors of 26.1% and revenue 43%.

Viera said that the current challenge is to offer new destinations, which boost tourism and generate more foreign exchange market.

Tourists traveling so air could help increase the growth of tourism during the August vacation.

The historical data indicate that income Mitur left by the consumption of tourists came by air to the country now account for 42.5%, while in 2009 was 27%. A rise of 15.5%.

The manager of CORSATUR expected spending of tourists arrived in the country air will generate a visitor spend higher than average, benefiting the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in the field.

$ 3.8 MILLION.
Tourism revenue in the August holiday would amount to $ 3.8 million.

41.000 The country would welcome foreign tourists, approximately, during the holiday.

$ 60.6 MILLION.
In 2011, domestic tourism generated about $ 60.6 million.

We bet on domestic tourism
The Government yesterday launched a new campaign to promote domestic tourism and encourage people to enjoy the August bank holiday in the country’s destiny.

The Ministry of Tourism launched the “Spread the word,” which aims that visitors to a place in the country encourage your family, friends and acquaintances to visit the many destinations offered by El Salvador.

The owner of the field, Jose Napoleon Duarte, said the goal of the campaign is in place stronger national and international product “People Living”.

One strategy to promote this mode will be social networks like facebook and twitter to spread nationally and internationally.

$350 MIL.
The Government invested $350,000 in the campaign to encourage domestic tourism.

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