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El Salvador Launches Maritime and Air Transport Policy

Article Summary:

Salvadorian officials are taking the bull-by-the-horns and enacting special legislation to increase trade and production in their stagnant maritime and air transport industries.

Photo Credit; Prensa Grafica

Original Article Text From Prensa Grafica via Google Translate :

Policy Initiative Launched Airport

Maritime resources and geographical location are part of the benefits that El Salvador has to other countries. The development of maritime transport as an attraction for tourism and passenger transportation, and enhance air transport as a way to send cargo to abroad is one of the points which aims to promote the Government in conjunction with business and related sectors maritime and air transport.

“One of the problems that our country is that you never have integrated transport policies,” said Nelson Garcia, Deputy Minister of Transport, under the release of the roadmap for policy-shipping port and air .

This road map (which will emerge from the views of various sectors) will have the guidelines and priorities to be taken into account in developing these items. Also expected to include a policy that encourages diversify operations and attract investment.

Roberto Mena, a consultant for the project, explained that the operations of shipping companies in the country have focused on the transport of cargo to abroad when there are niche opportunities in the cruise industry would boost tourism. Air carriers, meanwhile, have specialized in the transportation of passengers and may develop cargo giving added value to the sector, he added.

Garcia spoke of specific projects may be proposed in the formulation of policy, as put to work the ferry in the Gulf of Fonseca (La Union).

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