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El Salvador: No Access to Customs

Article Summary:

Salvadoran Army veterans prevented the passing of goods through customs at key border points during the second week of January, causing delays in the shipment of goods to destinations in Central America.

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Original Article Text From Prensa Grafica via Google Translate :

ASI: Border Closure Affects Exports

The Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI) protests regretted measures they are using different social organizations, which were held recently. Jorge Arriaza, ASI executive director, said the closure of borders, as we did yesterday a group of veterans, is a measure affecting the shipment of exports not only of El Salvador, but also of those who used to travel the country.

“Every day there are exports of various industries, especially the U.S. market … In the end this (border closures) delays even momentarily and that affects “said Arriaza. director of ASI calculated a daily shipment of approximately $ 11 million in exports of all economic sectors. “When there is a road closed and no You can access the customs, the end may be lost shipments at ports of Guatemala or Honduras, are late deliveries to customers and that has an impact on the evaluation of our customers do, and finally decided to work with other countries, “stressed the representative of the ASI.

Arriaza also said that actions taken by the veterans and public transport operators, including closing streets and paralyze work in the case of carriers, only send a negative message to potential investors . “Such expressions do not help social stability. It is important to seek a solution that not every so often, to be recurrent.

They are longtime social problems and to look for how to solve, “said the director of the ASI. A point that the representative of the ASI is reiterated that both the problem and the demands generated by carriers as veterans unsolved by the incumbent or by other previous government. “Here are five governments that have failed to make progress in resolving the problems … This is an outstanding debt to the country and I am referring not only to the government. It’s a problem that comes from governments for four or five, “said Arriaza. “concerned that start as early in the year to see this kind of social expression, especially when problems come for many years, for example, the For transport and crippled (for war), and there may be other cases, “he added.

During the day’s protests were hundreds of people and businesses affected by the abrupt closure of the crossing points, given the losses that these often cause to the national economy. hardest hit boundaries for the passage of goods and tourists were The Chinamas, San Cristobal, La Hachadura (in the West) and The Amatillo (in the East).

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