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El Salvador President Predicts Recovery in 2012

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El Salvador President Mauricio Funes proclaimed that in 2012 he will set his country on a course of economic recovery and further his commitment to social development. This is Funes’ big difference, in the midst of economic difficulties and natural disasters in 2011, this government has invested far more in social programs than any other previous government.

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El Salvador begins year with predictions of recovery

In the official statement at the end of the year, authorities say Funes administration also closed 2011 with the fulfillment of the promise to invest in the development of the most vulnerable sectors.

In this regard note that was executed last year an investment in health care programs and social infrastructure amounting to $ 700 000 597 000 000, the highest figure in the history of the nation.

Stresses that the heavy investment was made when the country emerges from the global crisis and after the serious damage and losses caused by 10 days of heavy rain last October of Tropical Depression 12E.

Remember that was the worst hit nation in Central America by the meteorological phenomenon that left a load of damage to social and productive fabric of the country for nearly four percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

This is change, this is the big difference, in the midst of difficulties this government has invested far more in social than previous governments, said recently the Technical Secretary of the Presidency, Alexander Segovia, quoted in the text.

The balance of the Ministry of Communications of the Presidency, said that the planned investment in social programs will be increased this year to about $ 839. 400,000, which is equivalent to 3.5% of GDP.

Stresses that these plans are “part of the settlement of a new economic and social model in El Salvador that favors the most vulnerable sectors that were historically underserved.”

The strong social impetus to the revival is also accompanied by economic recovery, especially the most sensitive tissue and forgotten in the past, according to the Secretary Segovia.

He cites in this regard the participation of micro and small garment producers in the school supplies, uniforms and shoes delivered free each year to more than one million 300 thousand students from public schools.

Among other programs, highlights the continuing comprehensive health care reform, which universalized free medical care and quality to the sectors previously neglected.

The official highlighted the national literacy program, which last December and managed the first two municipalities in the country free of illiteracy proclaimed.

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