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El Salvador Refusal to Invest in Its Airports Means AviancaTaca Will Build its Own Hub

Article Summary:

El Salvador welcomes AviancaTaca’s decision to build its own airport hub at the International Airport of El Salvador. The decision to build its own terminal was made by AviancaTaca because there was lack of clarity and support by Salvadorian officials as well as the slow pace of expansion at the international airport.

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Original Article Text From El Salvador via Google Translate :

Goes AviancaTaca Support Investment in Airport

The technical secretary of the Presidency, Alexander Segovia, said yesterday that they are willing to support the initiative of AviancaTaca to build its own airport, due to lack of clarity and speed of expansion of the El Salvador International Airport.

“A few weeks ago, the president of TACA approached us. We have assembled a working group. They are interested in building its own terminal, and we are very interested,” said Segovia, adding they are discussing not only the figure for rent field, as called for by the airline’s CEO, Roberto Kriete, but the regulatory framework under which the project officer.

The technical secretary emphasized that “the more private investment, the better for us because we can, if so, if it would make your terminal Taca airline, focusing on the modernization and expansion of the airport.”

The slowness of this work is what has practically forced the company Avianca TACA to be who contemplates building an infrastructure to meet its expansion plans. “Either you run them or run me,” Kriete sentenced last week after the airline’s vice president, Stuart Ortiz, claimed to have even thought of moving some operations to another country TACA in Central America.

Segovia said that the modernization of the airport must continue, because even though Avianca TACA decided to build its own terminal, that space could occupy another airline.

Will encourage investment
The Technical Secretariat of the Presidency announced yesterday that in the coming months begin with the presentation of at least eight reforms and laws, among which the International Services and Free Zones, to encourage investment. One of them provides the basis for that El Salvador is positioned as an “aviation hub,” with the arrival of companies engaged in the area, from the assembly to the repair. For now, the official said that with the prompt installation of a training school for air traffic controllers will begin the path to excel in the airline industry. Another novelty is the creation of legislation to ensure legal stability contracts.

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