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El Salvador Sees No Benefit in Medical Tourism

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El Salvador’s ability to compete in the medical tourism sector is limited by a lack of government involvement. In an age where roughly 47 million Americans, mostly Hispanic, lack health insurance and 108 million have no dental services, El Salvador is missing out say critics, while other markets, such as Costa Rica continue to grow their market share.

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The Country Does Not Benefit the Business of Medical Tourism

While Costa Rica this year plans to increase the number of visitors who made medical tourism last year to around 40 000 tourists for this item, El Salvador does not take advantage of offers of medical services abroad, mainly for lack of government support.

It is more regrettable given the chance to meet the demand of about 47 million Americans, mostly Hispanic, who lack health insurance and 108 million have no dental services, markets where Costa Rica continues to gain advantage.

“All Americans without health coverage destinations seeking to meet their needs, and this is where El Salvador is expected to meet this demand. But to achieve, the item must have tax incentives,” said Francisco Medina, a member of the Academy of U.S. Pediatrics.

Meanwhile, Rodolfo Semsch, Box Interactive Web manager of El Salvador said that the country does not lack preparation to offer their services, but the various items need to be integrated, because they are pulling every one to his course.

The little that has made the country promoting medical tourism is due to their own efforts of doctors, hospitals, specialists and entities as Merca Medic.

“We know that much remains to be done in this area, but the goal is to collaborate with Mercamedic the country. We seek to be logistics operators in tourism and health in El Salvador and Central America. Our aim is to unite the sectors to promote good medical tourism of El Salvador, “said Jorge Castro, executive director of Merca Medic.

Lack of promotion
Another challenge facing the country to offer medical tourism is the lack of promotion, and online is certainly the easiest way by which the component can be released.

“These must be handled very well, where not only be integrated medical centers, but partners that complement the needs of tourists. This is not a legal partnership, rather a common bond that does not compete,” said Semsch.

He added that all websites that are dedicated to promoting medical tourism in the country have to generate interest through the information posted, but above all must answer the needs of tourists looking for.

Key to Costa Rica
According to analysts, is not that Costa Rica has the best doctors. The key to this country is based on two aspects: the implementation of a cluster and the accreditation of hospitals.

Oscar Molina, master in business administration from Costa Rica, said the first mechanism is the integration of all sectors to complement the needs of tourists. “The patient is not only looking outside physicians, but a place to stay, tourism operators to know the country you visit, taxis, restaurants and other points of interest,” he said.

As for the accreditation system. “This ensures the quality standards for the tourist to feel you pay for a guaranteed service. Accreditation not be the same country, but internationally, especially in a recognized entity. The hospital interested in doing accreditation must be reported in United States, “she said.

Guatemala has also ventured into the business and recently held the “First Symposium on Medical Tourism and Health”, by Merca Medic in that country, which presented models of how the hotels can accommodate up to receive patients with physical disabilities, as has made the hotel Soleil La Antigua Guatemala.

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