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El Salvador to Fast Track Building Permits in 120 Days

Article Summary:

El Salvador is attempting to reduce the current 880 days it takes to receive a building permit to a more realistic 120 days. The proposed legislation to expedite construction permits is located within a package to encourage more private investment in the country.

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Reduced to 120 days to Process Building Permits

The government proposes legislation to expedite construction permits, within package to encourage private investment.

The deadline for obtaining building permits would be reduced to 120 or 150 days if the proposed law is approved by the Government to expedite these proceedings.

This special law is part of a package that next week will present the Executive to the Legislature, and which seeks to encourage private investment (see boxes).

The Chamber of Construction Industry (Casalco) welcomed these initiatives, especially with regard to the procedures, which ensures you’ll have a major impact on investment, it implies a reduction of at least 80% in the waiting time .

Ismael Nolasco, Casalco executive director, said that according to union estimates, currently takes 880 days to obtain permits.

“With this proposal we are at about 120 or 150 days from start to finish,” he estimated. “This really is going to impact on investment. An investor who come to the country and say, ‘I have three warehouses’, and realize that in order to start building it will take three years, it will, “he added.

Another proposal is that builders endorse the incorporation of administrative silence. This figure applies when an institution does not answer within a procedure established by law. In this situation occur, the permit is taken for granted.

In fact, the law also includes deadlines for answers, which currently only provides for institutions such as the Ministry of Environment; Casalco revealed.

It also establishes the creation of a unit that would ensure compliance with these provisions.

Nolasco said that as far as the union is known, this would be a special law in force for three years, and would be above other regulations.

Investment Incentive
Yesterday, the economic cabinet presented a strategy to encourage investment in the country, which includes the package of laws and reforms.

In addition to the proposed legislation, the Government identified four axes which will focus its actions.

One is the development of territories, which relies mainly on the second Fomilenio, coming on in the coastal zone and in the Territories of Progress program.

Another focus is sector bets, involving leverage areas such as logistics and aviation, tourism, among others.

The third axis is dedicated to correcting the excessive bureaucracy with the creation of the National Planning System, the Integrated System of Care Investor, and the Act to expedite the processing of permits.

The fourth axis is involved in financing the Development Bank of El Salvador (Bandesal), and the law of secured transactions.

Laws included in the reform package
1. The Law of Public-Private Asocio remains in the Legislature pending approval. President Mauricio Funes, asked quickly approve and move forward on infrastructure investments.

2. For reforms to the Free Zones Act was obtained absolute consensus, said Segovia, from the government and the House of the Textile, Clothing and Free Zones of El Salvador (Camtex).

3. The Law for the Promotion of Micro and Small Enterprises would focus on encouraging the development of these sectors, which employ about 43% of the country’s workforce, according to the Technical Secretariat.

4. It provides for the reform of the law of International Services. It also creates a Secured Transactions Law, which will facilitate access to credit by allowing the furniture to have as collateral.

5. You think of the creation of a law streamlining building permits, to attend one of the frequent complaints of this sector, in terms of difficulty and slowness for these processes.

6. It aims to create a law Legal Stability Contracts, to attract investment based on stable ground rules for investors. It also aims to create an electronic signature law.

5 The bid to attract investment rests on five pillars.

8 The package consists of eight laws, some are reforms.

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