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El Salvador Too Broke to Pay Income Tax Returns

Article Summary:

The Salvadorian government is without the funds to pay its income tax returns. The head of the Ministry of Finance confirmed that there are still more than $30 million worth of outstanding income tax returns for the fiscal year 2011 yet to be paid.

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Original Article Text From El Salvador via Google Translate :

Finance Without Returning Funds to Rent

The Finance Minister Carlos Cáceres, replied to one of the most common complaints from taxpayers about the delay in receiving your refund of income taxes for fiscal 2011.

Caceres, during an event of accountability, confirmed that pending return of more than $ 30 million due to lack of funds.

The official said the amounts less than $ 500 will be returned later this month and that this group should be about $ 15 million.

In mid-April, the Foreign Office minister said in May it would make the delivery of funds to Salvadorans with a return less than $ 200 and they had filed, in January and February.

Taxpayers have criticized through social networks elsalvador.com failure in repayment.

We have also received dozens of complaints each month via social networks of people who despite declaring in January, May or June still had not received a refund.

Before the announcement of the lack of funds to implement the pending returns, these were the first reactions of elsalvador.com Twitter:

@ Chiconebar Money should not be playing because it belongs to the taxpayers, are agreeing to use it for something else

@ Arrogant99 I think that we have to blame government mismanagement and that should give us back our money to date

@ Krlosharo to keep waiting!

For this year, the Treasury plans to return $ 50 million, with a target of 598.500 taxpayers.

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