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El Salvador’s El Malecon Boardwalk Slated for $5 Million Facelift

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The municipal government of Puerto de La Libertad plans to expand a mile-long tourist corridor called Malecon, making it a pedestrian boulevard to the Conchalío beach. The mega infrastructure is valued at $5 million, and will be funded in part by the central government, municipality, and private investment.

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Conchalío expand until the Malecon in Freedom

The municipality has already started negotiations with both the government and with the private sector, to implement the project, which will cost $ 5 million.

The municipal government of Puerto de La Libertad plans to expand a mile tourist corridor called Malecon, making it a pedestrian boulevard that would extend until the beach Conchalío.

The mega infrastructure would cost $ 5 million, funded in part by the central government through the Ministry and Public Works (MOP), the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) plus private investment and the municipality.

Currently El Malecón has 700 meters of construction consisting of cobbled streets alluding to beach environment, which starts from the Complex Amphitheater Puerto de La Libertad to the cemetery from the beach La Paz.

According to Marlene de Borja, the architect responsible for cadastral municipality and the second stage of the project will expand an existing work kilometer, which was opened in 2009 by the Mitur.

“The last step will be to connect the Malecon the first stage, which is 700 meters, which is Conchalío Boulevard, which is divided by the river Chilama, where would a bridge to make the connection,” he explained.

The project would have two stages. The first is the construction of a paved section of the coastline, the second would be the integration of that work to Conchalío Boulevard, which would come to improve the tourism infrastructure in the area.

The new section also contemplates the construction of a bicycle path, which the preliminary project would be located just past the local cemetery and connect with the brand new stadium Chilama.

“The city you are looking to create a tourist circuit with suitable infrastructure to enable us to attract more tourists to the area, especially the beaches are the main attraction,” said the official of the municipality.

The idea, he said, is to facilitate access to infrastructure and generate new investments, which are scheduled to be mixed use, ie both hotels and restaurants. This would not only generate more added value to the area, also trigger a network of jobs in the area

“What he is betting is to increase the supply of hotels, and this helps the locals to create micro and small commercial projects to improve their living conditions,” he said.

More expectation
Although the municipality has not yet set a date in the calendar to start the work, this implementation may start in late 2013, Borja explained.

The boost would be generated by the possibility that, by that date, El Salvador started the draft economic and social development of the coastal zone with the second agreement for Funds Goals (Fomilenio).

“Fomilenio benefit the coastal border with another type of investment, such as electric lighting, difficult access road projects and water projects, which will undoubtedly benefit this project with the municipality,” he said.

$ 5 million. The expansion project of El Malecon would cost $ 5 million.

700 The current boardwalk has an area of ​​700 meters and investment exceeded $500,000.

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