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El Salvador’s FMLN Proposes Constitutional Court

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The leftest party of El Salvador, known as the FMLN, has proposed the establishment of a Constitutional Court which would be separate from the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), and would serve as a safeguard to the rights of El Salvadorians.

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Create a Constitutional Court, One of the Proposals of the FMLN

The leftist party yesterday made the official presentation of the platform. There are four main areas contained in the proposal: economy, security, democracy and decent life.

In terms of democracy, one of the most representative is to establish the constitutional court, “separate from the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), as the supreme and independent safeguard the rights”, as specified by the document. However, this initiative has already created a friction between the judges of the Court last December.

The Front also bet on the incorporation of the referendum in the Constitution as a mechanism for consultation, and to achieve the formation of municipal councils pluralistic.

“Eliminating basic quota fixed, protect against abuses in the telephony, cable and internet” is one of the priority issues that the economic stakes of the game. Also the adoption of the law of attrition.

The Front is to bet at least 43 deputies in the March 11 elections.

The ruling party will work for passage of the Medicines Act to ensure “good quality and affordable prices.”That is one of the lines of the FMLN to the axis of a decent life.

Regarding the security issue, the party proposes that “the security of the State institutions provided by the State itself.”

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