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El Salvador’s Grand Plan to Increase Tourism

Article Summary:

The Ministry of Tourism is discussing with private companies and a group of consultants draft amendments to the existing Law on Tourism in a grand effort to stimulate the nation’s economy.

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Original Article Text From El Salvador.com via Google Translate :

Tourism Act seek to Reform and Expand Incentives

The Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) confirmed that it is running a process of discussion between the private company and a group of consultants to design a draft amendments to the law governing the sector.

According to Jose Napoleon Duarte, owner of the field, is looking for a legal framework consistent with the current reality of tourism, integrating the union, tour operators, transportation companies, universities, and other stakeholders.

“The current law is good but can be improved further. Their reform further strengthen and integrate industry (tourism), which continues to show growth.”

One of the points that the Salvadoran Chamber of Tourism (CASATUR) considers important is related to the incentives to qualified investments as projects of national tourist interest.

The current regulation considers, in its Article 36, that only investments in excess of $ 50,000 shall be entitled to exemption from income tax, municipal and Transfer of Real Estate, among others.

“It’s good to expand to other projects because these incentives encourage competitiveness and diversity of supply,” he said Rafael Leret, VP CASATUR.

Among other aspects that seeks to renew are expanding tourism concepts, special tax reforms and the creation of a national registry of sightseeing or bodies such as the National Tourism Council, attached to Mitur.

Moreover, within these changes, Duarte explained that seek to include the possibility of moving holidays to Mondays to extend the weekend, which would create the options for tourist travel within or outside the country.

“Having a certain time each day to generate a different dynamic tourism and expand the possibilities of developing tourist events”, he said.

CASATUR calls for this tool to be modified, encourage tourism development programs in the coastal zone to tap more possible Fomilenio II.

Duarte did not go into detail when enlarged or not the special contribution comes from the collection of $ 7 per person when leaving the country by air or 5% that is charged for hotel accommodation.

The current Tourism Act came into force in December 2005.

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