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El Salvador’s Protected Hawksbill Turtles Dying

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In recent weeks El Salvador has seen a dramatic increase in the death of its hawksbill turtles in the protected area of Los Cóbanos, Sonsonate. According to locals, many have died as the result of poor fishing practices.

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Original Article Text From El Salvador via Google Translate :

Regret the Fourth Carey Dead in Nine Days
In nine days, four hawksbill turtles have died from the use of harmful fishing practices in the Salvadoran coast. Two were found on 25 July.

Another died on Wednesday, August 1, after two hooks from drawing it. On Friday 3, a juvenile hawksbill was found dead in the protected area of ​​Los Cóbanos, Sonsonate. According to locals, may have died from suffocation after being trapped in a net.

Before the discovery, several environmental NGOs and biologists working to conserve this species were concerned.

Enriqueta Ramirez Vivazul director, said: “We regret that in so few days, El Salvador went from being recognized for its global importance in the conservation of hawksbill (be) the place where, in less than 10 days, have killed three adults and one juvenile. We can not let go of being the hope of recovery of this species to be his grave. ”

Nestor Herrera, manager of Ecosystem Environment Ministry (MARN), said that this type of turtle deaths of juveniles in the area of ​​Los Cóbanos “normal”, for, while looking for food, turtles trapped in nets. “It’s normal to happen at least once a year, dying a juvenile or more,” said Herrera.

He added that to prevent deaths “incidental” requires better monitoring by the Directorate General for Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture (CENDEPESCA), responsible for regulating fishing techniques.

In the words of Herrera: “CENDEPESCA has special regulations in the case of the Cóbanos” which sets the type of mesh that fishermen have to use, places and dates where and when they have to fish.

For the biologist, the situation is more alarming in Jiquilisco Bay, where on 25 July were found two dead adult hawksbill, one because of the use of explosives.

Sale of eggs
Through social networks, users reported the sale of turtle eggs at a local Acajutla.

Although the ban on the sale of turtle eggs went into effect in January 2009, according to the complainants, the restaurant even offers within the menu that appear to clients.

Ana Cecilia Peña, Environmental Governance and Natural Heritage of the Environment Ministry, said that, next to the PNC, inspected the place, but found no evidence of sale and consumption of turtle eggs there.

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