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Fishing Unions Hope to Transform Remote Island of El Salvador into Travel Resort

Article Summary:

The uninhabited Island of Chuchito located in the Gulf of Fonseca, boasts lush vegetation and white sand beaches. Fishermen belonging to the Federation of Fishermen of the Gulf of Fonseca hope to transform this off-the-beaten path island into a resort.

Original Article Text From El Salvador via Google Translate :

Unions want to take tourism to the Island Chuchito

A spring craft and restaurant area and pools are cooperative projects that the island Zacatillo intend to promote tourism in the island Chuchito.

However, beyond promoting tourism, also try to rescue the site from environmental exploitation, which is the subject.

That’s because many people, according to locals in the area, come to extract sand from the beach and thus are reducing the radius of the island.

The cooperative has planned to turn the island which is uninhabited, and only has vegetation and a beautiful white sand beach at a resort.

The promoters of the idea are members of various cooperatives bonded to the Federation of Fishermen of the Gulf of Fonseca.

Think in major tourism projects in each community of the islands and beaches of the jurisdiction of the Union. They talk about private investment and seek funding.

Currently developing courses and recognition of sites to exploit, and then present the project to the relevant institutions, to obtain the necessary permits.

Miguel Guevara, president of the Cooperative Association of the village Stove, says they are ambitious projects and that the main beneficiaries will be the island communities. Still do not have exact amounts to invest, or where they will draw the funds, but Guevara speaks of the support of the municipality.

Besides, think of involve the tuna company Calvo and “we will also have economic cooperation of residents abroad, such as cooperatives and the island ADESCO Zacatillo” he says.

But beyond appealing for support to return the island, behind this effort is an environmental purpose.

The other problem
In recent years the island has decreased Chuchito extension uncontrolled extraction of sand, making them locals and people from other coastal communities.

Apparently the sand used for construction, so the first step is to fill give the sites where the sand extracted.

But keep track of tourism. “Islanders in the United States as this will help with fuel, some with boats and manpower to start with the first works,” said Guevara.

But these ranches the rise after filling the places where there was sand.

The commitment of these fishermen is because, they say, live by fishing and find it difficult by several factors, including supplies and equipment of fishing are high prices. They add that the price of seafood is low and the market is saturated by the lack of exports, but also affected marine resource shortages.

Edgar Molina owns boats and boat driver and passenger will be included in the project. “All resultemos benefit, some with the transport of tourists, some offering food and crafts; hope this is a reality,” he said.

Another villager, Emilio Turcios, worries that the problems of the island Zacatillo as waste treatment and lack of drinking water are points against, affecting them as EDH published it recently.

The mayor of La Union, Ezekiel Mile, said he is aware that co-operatives want to develop tourism.

A leader of the island is Zacatillo council member. “It made me aware of the projects, but they draw a design of what they want to run and so we will decide how they will support,” said Milla.

Locals expect the municipality to support them in the field of waste management and improvements to the water system.

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