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Free Travel Insurance for Visitors to El Salvador

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El Salvador has launched a free travel insurance program for foreign visitors to the nation, called “Bon Voyage El Salvador.” The program offers travel insurance for those visiting the area of La Libertad for a value up to $3000 for 30 days. The program is scheduled to be rolled out nationwide in late 2012.

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Original Article Text From El Mundo via Google Translate :

Living launches safe for tourists visiting the country

The service begins in the department of La Libertad, but in the course of the year will be available in all tourist areas.

Foreigners who spend their holidays in the Salvadoran coast can feel safe. Life insurance already has health insurance “Bon Voyage El Salvador,” which provides protection up to $ 3,000.

The Life Insurance CEO, Rommel Martinez, said the insurance is valid for one month renewable.

This protection will be provided in a first stage in the coastal resort of La Libertad. It has moving ambulance and prompt medical attention.

Rodriguez explained that at the end of the first half of this year it is expected that this package is available throughout the territory.

“Not just limited to accidents, it also covers other situations as dengue fever, indigestion, food poisoning, a bite of an animal, yes, unless pre-existing conditions,” explained general manager of Insurance Living.

Other care not covered by this insurance is that of a birth, as it is a pre-existing condition at odds with the principle of covering any accident after contracting the service.

Martinez added that with coverage of $ 3,000 a person who can go through a serious accident, you can stabilize and return to their home country to complete his medical treatment.

With the safety “Bon Voyage El Salvador” is projected to cover only in La Libertad, between 3.000 to 5.000 people per month, who will have the attention of Lourdes Medical Center.

Life Insurance launches new service this week before starting the Easter holiday, during which foresees the entry of 72,000 foreign tourists

In other countries
El Salvador is the country where Life Insurer implements the new insurance package to foreign tourists.

After the launch in the territory, the Dominican capital firm, will also in Panama and the Dominican Republic, where the tourism industry is an important item in their economies.

The general manager, Rommel Martinez, said Dominican tourism have insurance, but it is for people who make tourism outside their country of origin.

30 The maximum term of insurance is 30 days and may be renewable.

$ 3,000 Insurance for foreign tourists has a maximum coverage of $ 3,000.

5.000 The potential clients of this new insurance, just in La Libertad, amount to 5,000.

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