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Guatemala and El Salvador Aim for Integrated Border Transit

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The Ministers of Economy of El Salvador and Guatemala are in discussions to coordinate efforts to streamline customs procedures and facilitate trade and tourist traffic between the two countries.

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Guatemala and El Salvador coordinate work on border

The Minister of Economy of El Salvador, Armando Flores, met with Minister of Economy of Guatemala, Sergio De La Torre, to improve integration between the two countries. Also, tables were set up permanent monitoring and discussion of measures to improve border transit.

They were also evaluated progress made ​​by the technical teams of each country: trade in goods and facilitation of tourist traffic. Bilateral agreements were also reached for the improvement of customs. The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce of Honduras, Melvin Redondo and the Secretary General of SIECA, Ernesto Torres Chico.

On Thursday May 31a meeting was held of the two committees which were established four working groups are: Customs Procedures, Immigration, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, and Security. These tables used as a basis for evaluation, review the Road Map and Action Plan for Immediate Implementation Streamlining Procedures.

The diagnosis made ​​at each table served as a basis for defining the needs of each office in terms of infrastructure, investment, training, human resources, among others.

Objectives agreed by the Group on Customs Procedures, set out four goals: Achieve the decongestion of the customs border, enabling a station in Santa Ana pre-clearance of export operations, too, close international transits in the concept of “office of destination” and enable TIM project in all of Guatemala border crossings, then improve the management of contingencies and finally approved a plan to exchange lists of products controlled and make public knowledge.

Work on SPS will focus on the implementation of regional policy based on three objectives: to harmonize the criteria for applying quarantine at the borders, also implement the Central American Regulations on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, and then facilitate trade with unified quarantine posts in one year.

Then the migration table proposed: to have the bus passenger information, prior to arrival at the border, but also to establish a single window for the carrier, and then effectively implement the agreement CA-4. According to the Minister Flores, all workshops are permanent, so it will meet systematically via video conference from 18 to 22 June. The work to be done on the border of the Hachadura begin on July 11, 2012.

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