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Guatemala and El Salvador Initiate a Bi-National Border Police Force

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The Governments of Guatemala and El Salvador have agreed to resume a former security project known as a bi-national police force which is made up from officers from both countries. The organization is dedicated to protecting the 203 kilometers of common border.

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Guatemala and El Salvador Integrated Bi-national Border Police

Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes, who today visited his Guatemalan counterpart, Otto Perez Molina, told reporters in the capital of Guatemala to the creation of this force is part of the binational regional security strategy driven by both governments.

” We hope the police Binational start working before Easter ” , in April, to ensure the safety of tourists who travel from home to Guatemala during that time, Funes explained.

Besides the integration of the force, said the Salvadoran President, during the meeting held today at the Presidential House in Guatemala, the security officials of both countries also agreed to coordinate joint actions to fight organized crime and drug trafficking.

Police in both countries and the Directorates of Intelligence and Armed Forces, Funes said, ” go to work in a coordinated manner ” to protect the so-called Northern Triangle of Central America, consisting of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

To advance such plans, he added, will invite the Government of Honduras to join these efforts.

At the meeting, Funes was accompanied by his Minister of Justice and Security, David Munguia Payes, the director of the National Civil Police, Francisco Salinas, and the director of the Directorate of Intelligence, Ricardo Perdomo.

After completing the workshop, Perez Molina hosted a luncheon to Funes and his party, then the Salvadoran president returned to his country.

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