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Jiquilisco Bay and Port of La Union Singled Out for MCC Investment in El Salvador

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El Salvador aim is to tap Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) funds for the development and growth of the southern region of the country. They are specifically focusing on the port of La Union and Jiquilisco Bay, which they say, will bring economic growth to six other specific municipalities as well.

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The focus could be on the port of La Union and Jiquilisco Bay

The choice of the coastal area to inject into it the Millennium Fund was not random. According to the Government, this area is strategic for the country’s development, something that matches Roberto Rubio, executive director of the National Development Foundation (FUNDE).

“In the southern region there is potential to promote development and growth of the national economy”, he says.

According to Rubio, there are two important poles in the coastal area: the port of La Union and Nonualcos area (La Paz). “You can do a logistical corridor involving the port of Acajutla (Sonsonate), airport (La Paz) and the port of La Union,” says Rubio. In the area of ​​the airport, its proximity to the Salvadoran capital, also you can see an industrial corridor, he said.

“With Aeroman even we can become a hub important,” said Rubio.

The Government is initiating a series of public consultations to identify projects to which we must go. There will four components: social services (health, education, water), products (supporting tourism, agriculture, logistics), road connectivity and one on environmental issues.

The project is funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), which currently invests $ 460.9 million to fight poverty and bring development to the north. “If you want to fight poverty, the bet will be to focus on Usulután, but if you want to create engines of growth, the area is Nonualcos which should see,” said Rubio.

Alexander Segovia, Technical Secretary of the Presidency, said that the Union is one of the 75 municipalities that would benefit from a FOMILENIO II. “We have to prioritize territory, as the port city (La Union) and Jiquilisco Bay.”

A study of the CND and raises a number of proposals for the development of the subregion of the Union. Six municipalities could tap the potential port: The Union, Conchagua Intipucá, Meanguera Gulf and San Alejo Pasaquina.

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