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Following 2009′s economic downturn El Salvador’s tourism numbers grew by single digits, but this year marked a record increase of 45% in total number of visitors to the nation in the past three years. A sure sign the nation’s effort to attract visitors is paying off.

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Tourism Revenues Grow 45% in Three Years

The number of tourists visiting El Salvador has also increased, reaching nearly 1.4 million until October 2012.
The arrival of tourists has left an economic impact to El Salvador from $ 602.9 million between January and October this year, 45% higher than the $ 415.9 million that left the tourists in 2009, according to the Salvadoran Tourism Corporation (CORSATUR).

After the crisis hit economies around the world was visible low growth that tourism receipts left since January to October 2009 to the same period of 2010 revenues increased 0.2%, $ 415.9 million and $ 416.9 million, respectively, but since 2010 it recorded substantial increases in income left by tourists with rates of 17% between 2010 and 2011 and 23% between 2011 and 2012.

“The economy is growing at single-digit levels, and we are talking about revenues are growing at double-digit levels, but it is difficult to keep, just public and private cooperation can enable such a strategy is sustainable over time and to continue to grow, “said Roberto Viera, CEO CORSATUR. The increase in revenue is explained in part by growth in tourist arrivals-four of 10 enter-airway so the view of Viera are those who have more spending power.

“That means we can be having visitors tourists with more spending power, more ability to stay in the country entering the land that truth have less spending power, “said Viera. CORSATUR yield data on the third quarter of this year, spending hiker daily average was around $ 38.20, the $ 82.90 foreign tourist and the Salvadoran resident walked outside at $ 108.00.

The average stay of these three types of visitors is 4.2, 6.2 and 12 days, respectively. Corporation projects that the country receives 3 million visitors by 2020. Plans 2013 The Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) has planned a series of search strategy that most tourists arrive in the country, among them is the country brand promotion through international exhibitions held in different parts of the world.

“We are planning 20 exhibitions internationally, promoting the cruise, promoting the project (tourism) and convention business and tourism course recreational place, “says Jose Napoleon Duarte, Minister of Tourism.
Another factor taken into account MITUR is attracting investors who wish to settle in the country and so generate a series of incentives and additional attractions for tourists. It is expected that with the FOMILENIO II, these investments increase.

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