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Op-Ed: Why El Salvador’s Visitor Insurance Will Fail

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In attempt to lure visitors to its country, El Salvador is now offering insurance against assault. The package can be purchased at airport kiosks, but critics of the new program say it paints a negative, violent image and does little to entice visitors.

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Original Article Text From El Salvador via Google Translate :

An Insurance for Tourists to Avoid the Assaults

The productive sector unions (which we clothe, feed, provide shelter, employ, sustain public services and consumer finance patriotic bureaucracy) indicate the number of failures and inconsistencies of Law Legal Stability for Investment approved a bill that would have the opposite effect: accentuated insecurity, to warn investors of the uncertainty that prevails.

The law is equivalent to the Comalapa airport, to promote tourism, installing a kiosk where foreigners who visit us can buy insurance against looting and assaults on the beaches.

It is clear that the authors of the great thought never quite understand that the primary role of government is to ensure, as far as possible, the physical and legal security for all, not only for those who pay for the privilege. The very fact of proposing such a law sends a very negative signal to investors, both local and foreign.

It is clear that the authors of the law have little experience in the real world of work, which are not received on time checks of a budget, but the money is earned, biblically, sweat, responsibility and discipline. And the clearest sign that the deadlines set out in the law to bring investment to the point where it begins operations.

The law speaks of ninety days to start the business after signing the contract. After the extension is granted only for another ninety days, the benefits expire.

But only a building and a warehouse takes much longer, starting delays in obtaining permits, solvency, feasibility studies, soil analysis, calculate structures … as an example, between the signing of the purchase of the main printing machine THE Diario de Hoy and commissioning spent more than three years, within a very “normal” to install large equipment manufacturing.

It is normal for the investor to pay protection

To this is added to each of the Popular Socialist Republics and Bolivarian territory, as we say was the free territory of Mexicans, has its own requirements and standards, as well as his vision for investments: in this case the former mayors of CV saw the establishment of a mall as an affront to “the people” and socialism.

For similar reasons the project fell apart for establishing power generation in the EU, where a large port languishes already finished but unused. The last promise is that by the end of this episode of national glory, the port will be concessioned.

The normal thing is that investors do not pay for protection and in Chicago in the thirties, or be guaranteed that some of the regulations and applicable taxes will not harden, but the government is moonlighting to provide incentives of various kinds including cede land to large factories are installed.

That was the case of Intel in Costa Rica, and what some states offered to Japanese and German auto companies to set up their factories. What incentive is given back many times to jobs and new wealth.

For now no investment in the country, but maintenance is to continue operating. And all on tenterhooks waiting for the next election …

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