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Private Investors Answer Call to Upgrade El Salvador’s Cuscatlan Airport

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El Salvador’s airport operator Cepa is considering a public-private partnership as a means for funding upgrades to the Cuscatlan International Airport. The airport, which has been operating at max for several years, is in desperate need of a new terminal, improved maintenance areas and airfield enhancements.

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It is being reported that El Salvadorian airport operator, Cepa, is considering public-private partnership (PPP) projects as a way of finding the funds to upgrade Cuscatlán International Airport.

The gateway – located in capital city San Salvador and also commonly known as Comalapa International Airport – has been operating close to capacity for a number of years and, according to a master plan drawn up by ADPi, needs a new terminal, improved maintenance areas and airfield enhancements.

ADPi is the planning and design subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris (ADP).

However, with the master plan to the year 2030 requiring an estimated investment of in excess of $800 million, it seems unlikey that Cepa and the El Salvadorian government could fund the upgrade without private investment.

And comments this week attributed to Cepa’s concessions director, Rolando Díaz, appeared to confirm this when he admitted that the authority is considering all investment options for a planned $65 million modernisation project designed to enhance the airport’s capacity and improve passenger services.

“The possibility of a public-private partnership is certainly on the table. There’s no decision yet, all the options are still being considered at this stage. But I think public funding would be quite difficult,” Díaz told BNAmericas.

According to Díaz, Cepa is preparing prefeasibility and design studies for an expanded airport that would be built by 2016.

For a PPP to go ahead, the legislative assembly would need to approve a bill currently under discussion to create a PPP framework to allow private companies to invest in state-owned infrastructure.
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