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El Salvador Left with Little Options for Airport Upgrades

Article Summary:

El Salvador will take advantage of a public-private partnership to facilitate the much-needed expansion of its international airport.

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Original Article Text From la Prensa Grafica via Google Translate :

Airport Expanded Through a Partnership

The expansion of Airport El Salvador (AIES) is made ​​through a public-private partnership, as the Government has set. This is the most feasible option for the country’s finances in the opinion of the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency (STP).

This project works in parallel with the modernization and rehabilitation of the AIES, whose greatest impact projects initiated in 2013 and the investment of about $ 70 million. These funds will be obtained through loans and securitization.

Segovia explained that they have decided on a partnership, because the amount of resources it would require an extension. “This expansion of the airport is what we do through a public-private partnership for a simple reason: the Salvadoran State has not and, even if he had, he should not invest such a huge amount of resources, well what can devote to other strategic areas, “he said.

The Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA), which administers the airport, yet has an accurate estimate of how much will be needed to expand the AIES. The president of CEPA, Alberto Arene, made ​​clear that the institution “has no financial room for expansion unless $ 50 million.” According Arene, the cost of enlargement will know exactly when to update the master plan and have projections of passenger demand, but is estimated to be an investment of several tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

The owner of the STP said they expect technical support from the U.S. government to update the master plan for the development of airport infrastructure, in a horizon of 15 to 25 years. “Based on this update is going to define the strategy for future expansion of the airport,” he noted. international airport, located in San Luis Talpa (La Paz), has exceeded its reception capacity by 25%. was designed to receive 1.6 million passengers a year, but currently captures about 2 million passengers.

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