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Salvadorians Receive Court Order to Boycott McDonald’s

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McDonald’s restaurants in El Salvador may have to cover up their trademark golden arches if the world’s biggest burger chain fails to make a payment related to a long-running contract dispute in the country, a court said.

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McDonalda’s Marks Seize
A commercial court in El Salvador ordered the seizure of 36 trademarks in the Central American country has McDonald’s, for not complying with the payment of more than $ 23 million to a Salvadoran businessman who won a lengthy lawsuit, reported Roberto Bukele entrepreneur himself, protagonist of the conflict.

The 36 McDonaldÂ’s trademarks are the hallmarks of the products, including the name of the company to the “Happy Meal”, the famous clown Ronald McDonald and the name of the burgers, as McBurger, among others.

Bukele, who sued McDonaldÂ’s considering that arbitrarily withdrew the franchise granted over 36 years ago, said he gained a new suit against the fast food chain’s McDonald the judge to make the commercial quarter of San Salvador ordered the seizure of the transnational trade, which was notified in June the parties.

The background to this decision, that according to the first Bukele against McDonaldÂ’s, is the sentence in May 2005 of a local court ruled in favor of Bukele in the amount of 23.9 million dollars for damages to the plaintiff by McDonaldÂ’s.

The transnational refused to rehire Servipronto, Bukele company in 1995 after commercial litigation ranging from unfair competition complaint to the illegal use of distinctive and brands, the Salvadoran courts finally considered inadequate, as ruled in favor of Bukele.

“We fought like David and Goliath, and we have defeated the giant,” said the businessman in a crowded press conference.

“McDonaldÂ’s brands, all known in El Salvador, and do not belong to the company which is based in the U.S., they could auction off and give the property to anyone who wants to buy,” stressed the Salvadoran businessman.

Bukele noted that the same claim for damages which he started in El Salvador also filed in federal court in New York, “but the judge has seven months of not notifying the ruling.”

The U.S. government and embassies in that country “have pressed to defend McDonaldÂ’s,” said the businessman.

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