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Searching Out Emerging Trade Partners Leads El Salvador to Ecuador

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El Salvador’s efforts to conquer the emerging South American market this year have lead them to two specific countries: Ecuador and Chile.

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Original Article Text From Prensa Grafica via Google Translate :

Identifying Export Potential in SA

The Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments (PROESA) potential customers looking for Salvadoran entrepreneurs in these two nations of the Southern Cone. The goal is to gather in October to clients identified with employers who participated in “Export Step by Step” program implemented by the agency since 2011.

There is also looking for new destinations for domestic supply in Honduras and Nicaragua for entrepreneurs who first sold abroad. “The goal we have set this year is to incorporate 70 to 75 companies” for the program, said Giovanni Berti, executive director of PROESA. In this group, will be 50 new exporters. Last year there were 50 companies in total and four destinations. “We have refined the tools and support we are able to serve more companies,” said Berti.

Why look there?
With Chileans signed a free trade agreement in 2002, but according to Berti, “is one of the least has taken the country.” Information from the Central Reserve Bank show significant growth in sales to that destination, of $ 9.42 million in 2010 to $ 30.19 million in 2011. But the official said, the historical average reflects a very low variation and has a minimum share in total exports, which in 2011 sold the world a total of $ 5.000 million Salvadoran products.

Chile is expected to potential industries metalworking and plastic rather than services. These two industrial activities have shown sustained growth since the country entered the economic recovery after the global crisis of 2008, the same level of agro-industry and textiles.

In the case of Ecuador, is expected to have a partial agreement for exchange of products on favorable terms. “Are defined in principle about 800 tariff items … That may change during the negotiations, “said Berti. This means there will be a similar number of products likely to enter the market via lower taxes or fees, but because it is a partial agreement, will not have the same level of openness that are treated as Chile , Colombia or the United States.

“The government’s goal is to finalize the deal before closing the year,” he added. The next negotiations will begin in July or so, and the seat would be El Salvador .

Last year, close the program “Export Step by Step” took shape business for $ 2.5 million. Berti said he did not always get 100% of the amount traded, but they hope to follow up after the training to be consummated as many sales as possible this year.

So far they have received over 100 applications for the course.

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