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Tourism Numbers Up for El Salvador

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El Salvador expects to end the year with the arrival of 1.7 million tourists, a 5% increase over 2011.

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The Country expects to End the Year with 1.7 million tourists

This year, the country will end the year with the arrival of 1.7 million visitors, which will mean an increase of 5% over the figure for 2011, said Tourism Minister Jose Napoleon Duarte.

Duarte stressed that this figure exceeds the estimates of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for other countries. “The WTO provides a growth between 3% and 4% this year, and El Salvador echoes this projection, including breaking the record,” he said during the inauguration of the calendar of activities for the celebration of 13 b’aktun.

The importance of this area in the Salvadoran economy was also evident in the growth of revenue from tourism. The president, Mauricio Funes, in the same business, said that compared to last year, the international currency grew 19%. “We will close 2012 with revenues in excess of $ 730 million,” he added.

The projections presented yesterday were part of the acquisition of a new commitment by the Executive to position tourism as an engine of growth, through the signing of the Golden Book of the OMT.

Through this document, the country is committed to providing an important space to the issue of tourism in the economic and political agenda, to join the campaign by the Tourism World Leaders.

“I want to reassure my commitment and that of my government to tourism, this sector continues to grow and be part of the new economic model that drives El Salvador,” he said Funes.

At the opening of the activities to celebrate the 13th b’aktun was attended by the Secretary General of the UNWTO, Taleb Rifai, who stressed the importance of the country to be the first in Central America to sign the Golden Book ” I am confident that under his leadership, tourism will remain a priority and will help the development of their country, “he said, addressing Funes.

Rifai took the opportunity to remind the privileged position that plays the country, especially in the Mundo Maya Organization (WMO).

“Your country has become a leader in the development of tourism in the region and improved the lives of people, confronting policies that allow the development of domestic tourism,” he added.

5% Tourist arrivals to the country will grow 5% this year compared to the level reached in 2011.

19% The income from foreign exchange grow by 19% this year, compared to 2011.

4% UNWTO estimates that global tourism will grow this year to 4%.

UNWTO welcomes tourist movement

• The Secretary General of the UNWTO, Taleb Rifai said that during 2012 more than 1,000 million tourists toured different countries bringing together the organization. It is expected that by 2020, the number to reach 1.800 million, he said.

Tourism Minister, Jose Napoleon Duarte, used the occasion to announce that next January will launch the first World Tourism Guide in Spain, along with the WTO. “This will certify the effort once again that El Salvador and our president has done this day,” he said.

Hard Rock Hotel will be built in New Cuscatlán
The president, Mauricio Funes, said yesterday that the group has confirmed Decameron early 2013 to start the construction of a new hotel in the town of New Cuscatlán.

“Decameron going to start now, so we’ve been told, the construction of a 1,500-room hotel. This is a Hard Rock Hotel, similar to what this group has in Panama, ” he announced.

This project is in addition to the construction of a hotel on the beach Icacal the east of the country, and a new resort attached to this work, the Group announced Decameron. The Government also has strong expectations for the installation of the hotel chain Barceló, always next year.

“When we say that tourism is one of the most important industries Salvadoran believe that we are not exaggerating, there are projects that give us the perspective necessary breath,” said Funes.

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