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US-Senate Boots Ambassador from El Salvador

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U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte has fallen victim to a Senate blockage on US nomination to ambassadors in Central America. She is the first to not receive the confirmation votes necessary to continue her appointment in El Salvador and the no replacement has been named by the Obama Administration.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Graphica

Original Article Text From La Prensa Graphica via Google Translate :

Aponte Was Fired as Ambassador to United States from El Salvador
The diplomat, born in Puerto Rico, said the bridges that lay between the Salvadoran society and the consolidation of cooperation and achievements in 15 months. The U.S. ambassador in El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte, was fired Friday morning from her office, which officially ends tomorrow, December 31. 

“It’s been 15 months since I came to this wonderful country. It seems like yesterday that I and you all made me feel at home. When I arrived, my knowledge of El Salvador was limited to what my friends in America had told me about the country and the impressions of a brief visit in 1987 ” she recalled in a press conference at the headquarters of the U.S. embassy. 

The diplomat ended 15 months of management in the country since the failed ratification votes in the Senate or upper house of Congress. 

“Do not forget your hospitality has been a great honor for me. United States and El Salvador have a great relationship, a friendship that goes beyond politics,” said the official. 

Aponte was nominated to the post by President Barack Obama in August 2009, but confirmation was not voted on the Senate floor. A year later, Obama named in the recess of Congress, an ability that lets you bypass the scrutiny of the senators to their nominees. However, the appointment expires when just the U.S. legislature. 

The president sent back the appointment of Aponte in February this year, but two weeks ago the Democrats failed to make the process a vote. 

Aponte said in her words the efforts to establish consensus among different sectors of Salvadoran society. 

She also mentioned the achievements in its management, as the visit of President Obama, in March, funding for the center of wiretapping, the signature of the Associate for Growth, and the designation of El Salvador for a second compact Funds Millennium. 

“I am deeply grateful to have been part of the history of the reality of El Salvador. The initiative Partners for Growth has the potential to transform the country, “said Aponte. 

The current Deputy Chief, Sean Murphy will become in January the charge d’affaires at the embassy, ​​while awaiting the new ambassador or ambassador. 

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