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Visitors Wanted! El Salvador Teams Up with Japan to Promote the Gulf of Fonseca

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The government of El Salvador is betting on growth of tourism in La Union and the Gulf of Fonseca. The Ministry of Tourism and the Japan Cooperation Agency have embarked upon various tourism strengthening projects to jet-set this area into the next must visit place in El Salvador.


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Gulf of Fonseca, El Salvador’s New Tourist

The options offered in the area ranging from beach to hiking in the volcano Conchagua.

The Gulf of Fonseca is not only the Port of Cutuco, let alone the high temperatures characteristic of the city of La Union.

The area has a variety of destinations to the most varied tastes and requirements, for visitors to the territory to the east. In this area the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) and the Japan Cooperation Agency (JICA) develop a tourism project to strengthen the communities of the department head and the islands of the Gulf of Fonseca.

For two years, the government institution and the institution of cooperation have worked with boaters of the islands tourist guide training and first aid to give local and foreign visitors boat rides on four of the seven islands in the Gulf.

The owner of Mitur, Jose Napoleon Duarte, said that in the islands developed the modality of experiential tourism, which lies in bringing tourists to experience boating, visit and live with the island communities and fishing at night.

The program, pioneered by the JICA, includes five components that are use to map the signaling route, the design of the tour in mangroves and islands and tourism and environmental education.

The product
Oscar Villatoro is one of 13 graduates tourist boaters courses provided by the JICA and Mitur, he explained that a tour of the Gulf Islands takes five to six hours.

Recreation options ranging from sea on the island Conchagüita lunch to camp in another of the four islands.

“If they say they go camping, we let one of the islands where you can do and we will bring the next day,” said Villatoro.

If you prefer the walk and the heights, 30 minutes from La Union can tour the volcano Conchagua.

In the protected area complex Conchagua, to 1.157 meters above sea level, one can observe fully the Gulf of Fonseca, as well as the coasts of Honduras and Nicaragua.

The Union and its varied is another option that is to diversify the existing range of tourist options nationals, it competes with the well-known Guatemalan and Honduran.

The options in La Union
If you want to spend the night in the port city, the Comfort Inn in La Union is an option.

• You can also camp on an island. Security is guaranteed.

• For more information visit the web page and there it visitaelgolfo.com get more details on the entertainment of the east.

$ 80 billion invested $ 80.000 The Mitur this year building program to develop tourism.

13 The tourist boaters graduates Mitur courses and JICA are 13.

More projects for the city
The government is betting on growth of tourism in La Union. For this, the Mitur working on the design of artisan springs in various localities of the islands, as Chiquirín, Conchagüita and Zacatillo.

According CORSATUR manager, Roberto Viera, the design will cost a total of $ 30,000. With that, the Mitur can negotiate lines of credit with national or international banks, that need to be defined. A spring which wants to build the Mitur does not exceed $ 150,000.

Meanwhile, in the departmental capital of La Union, the Executive will invest $ 10,000 in remodeling the design of the railway station, to promote it as a tourist destination. The renovation would be about $ 40,000.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the municipality, Ezekiel Milla, said he was also already working on the creation of the tourism unit.

$ 30.000 The design of the craft harbors on the islands of the Gulf of Fonseca cost $ 30,000.

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