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Watch Out for Fireballs in El Salvador (Video)

Article Summary:

Every August 31st in the El Salvador city of Nejapa, youths with painted faces take to the street to hurl fireballs at each other in a scene that the casual passer-by could be forgiven for interpreting as the early stages of a good fight.In the kind of event that would’ve been banned or smothered by health and safety regulations long ago in a lot of countries, men on opposing teams fling burning fuel-soaked rags at each other. Yet in this part of Central America, the chaos is semi-organised – and part of a tradition stretching back many years.

At first glance it may appear like mayhem, but this is really a ritual – Balls of Fire (or Bolas de Fuego as it’s known in Spanish) – is actually in honor of a violent volcanic eruption that took place in 1917.

Watch the Video:

Bolas de Fuego from Hrbrt Serpas on Vimeo.

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